Folijuv serum


  • Folijuv Hair Serum -It has Stimulates hair growth: adenosine facilitates faster regrowth and helps increase the proportion of thick, voluminous hair.
  • Promotes hair density: utilizing the power of phytocelltec, malus domestica, folijuv serum works to delay hair follicle ageing and extend the growth phase, contributing to a denser, fuller hair appearance.
  • Advanced hair regeneration: our serum provides an innovative solution for hair regeneration, clinically backed for its efficacy.
  • Boosts vitality: niacinamide enhances hair growth by combating oxidative stress-induced cell senescence, thereby boosting your hair’s vitality and strength.
  • Delay hair follicle aging: our unique formula slows down the ageing of hair follicles, contributing to a prolonged growth phase and maintaining your hair’s youthful vitality.


  • Folijuv Hair Serum Reinvigorates Roots, which is Highly effective & the New Avenue of Therapy for Hair Regeneration.
  • Folijuv Hair serum with a composition backed by clinical evidence of Adenosine,  Malus Domestica, and, Niacinamide.
  • Adenosine will Faster regrowth of hair and Increase the proportion of thick hair, Malus Domestica will Delays hair follicle aging and helps to extend the growth phase, and Niacinamide Enhance Hair growth by preventing oxidative stress-induced cell senescence.


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