Dark Circles

Various causes of these Dark Circles

  • Genetics : Genetics play a very important role in under eye  dark circles, if your parents have dark circles, there is a strong possibility of you also having some.
  • Diet : A deficient diet in terms of omega 3 , iron and essential micro-minerals and vitamins also leads to  under eye dark circles.
  • Excessive screen usage : excessive usage of screens like mobiles , laptops etc leads to dark circles.
  • Lack of sleep : leads to  under eye dark circles.
  • Sun exposure : lack of using protective sunscreens leads to dark circles.
  • Stress : in this age of stress and tension, this is also a major factor for dark circles.
Various causes of these Dark Circles
 Excessive Pigmentation
Shadow effect

How Under Eye dark circles develop

Under eye dark circles developed for basically three reasons.

 Excessive Pigmentation This means increased pigmentation around the area of eye  due to various reasons.

  Excessive Vascularity. As  skin around the eyes is very thin the blood vessels present within the muscles are easily seen , the  changes in these vessels lead to the appearance of Dark circles .

 Shadow effect :  A combination of loose skin and appearance of fat from beneath .The muscle leads to a shadow effect that looks like dark circles. 

It is very important  to find the actual cause of this under eye dark circles because the treatment will  depend on the cause. 

Treatment of Under Eye Dark Circles

  • We follow a comprehensive approach for the treatment of under eye dark circles.
  • Identify the Right cause of dark circles chemical peels they are an important tool for reduction of under eye dark circles . Certain Medications, serums and creams also help along the following treatments .
Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Various Chemical peels can help to reduce the pigmentation and also stimulate collagen production in the under eye area leading to a significant reduction in the Dark Circles.



Fillers specially Hyaluronic acid fillers help to fill up the under eye areas thereby removing the shadow effect and giving fullness to the under eye area reducing the appearance of dark circles . This also leads to underwrite tightening and rejuvenation of the under eye area giving a younger look.


Hair Re-growth treatment

Hair Re-growth treatment contains a rich mix of dermal and epidermal growth factors. They work at the level of epidermis and dermis to significantly reduce pigmentation , boost collagen and significantly improve the under eye dark circles and help in under eye Rejuvenation.



Dark circles respond very well to Laser treatments . The 1320 nm wavelength of Q switch Laser is very effective in treating Dark Circles.



Meso therapy involves the penetration of right medicines into the deep layers of the skin . Depending on what condition you have your doctor will advise the right Mesotherapy for you.

Under eye dark circles can be treated effectively at Clinic Eximus.


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You can take the following steps to prevent the dark circles from getting worse .


1.Diet : a very critical factor is taking a balanced diet. Ensure that all the nutritional components are taken ,even the micronutrients and fats, the quantity of micronutrients is less but is very important for the body.


  1. Sleep : a proper sleep cycle should be maintained in addition to the time of the sleep.


  1. Sun exposure : The UV  and the Infrared Rays of the sun are very damaging to the skin , it is very critical to apply sunscreen with a good SPF throughout the day. Sunscreen should be applied even if you are inside the house to protect from the infrared radiations. Sunscreen should be reapplied every 3 hrs.I strongly recommend medical sunscreens and people should avoid cosmetic sunscreens.


  1. Limit your gadget usage to a minimum.try controlling your urge to check your social media every now and then.

Amongst the many deficiencies said to  cause dark circles, iron deficiency is very important . Increasing the iron levels can help to reduce dark circles.

Once dark circles develop, it  is best to consult your doctor to understand the reasons for dark circles and opt for  various treatments that work to make under eye dark circles better. Delay in treatment can only worsen the problem


Since dark circles depend on multiple factors , it is very important to keep these factors in mind if you want to prevent dark circles from reappearing .


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