Damaged Hair Treatment

Damaged Hair Treatment

Who doesn’t want shining, healthy hair ? it doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female, you do want to flaunt healthy, shiny hair.

We try to achieve shiny hair through various styling processes and in turn damage our hair. Little do we understand that hair health is determined by a healthy hair follicle.

Symptoms of Undernourished, Damaged Hair

    • Brittle and damaged prone hair.
    • Frizzy hair.
    • Dull hair.
    • Limp hair.
    • Dry hair.
    • Rough hair.
    • Thin hair 

If you have any of these signs, you must seek treatment for Damaged Hair.

Science Behind of Damaged Hair treatment

It is important to understand that the health of the hair depends  on the hair follicle. Only a healthy hair follicle can grow healthy hair. There is no point in styling the hair lengths as they are the dead portions of the hair,  it is like decorating a dead body.

Healthy Hair can only be improved by nourishing the hair follicle with essential vitamins and minerals.

Damaged Hair Treatment​
Treatments for UnderNourished & Damaged Hair

Treatments for UnderNourished & Damaged Hair

In addition to a detailed history and assessing any deficiencies in your body, Experts at Clinic Eximus follow a 360° approach to treat dull, Damaged Hair.

Nutra Therapy

A revolutionary treatment done at Clinic Eximus is a sure shot way to healthier, Lustrous Hair.

Nutra therapy is the best way for nourishing and Rejuvenating your hair. This therapy is advantageous in the context of repairing and protecting all layers of hair. This therapy is well known for preventing hair breakage and hair loss as well. In this treatment approach, vital nutrients are supplied through the scalp which provides beneficial results for the fragile hair follicles. Both Male and Female can go for this therapy.

Nutra Therapy
Laser Stimulation Therapy

Laser Stimulation Therapy

Also called Low Level LASER Stimulation Therapy (LLLT) .  The Hair Growth Cycle consists of 3 phases :

    • Growth Phase  or Anagen Phase.
    • Resting phase or Telogen Phase. 
    • Shedding Phase or Catagen Phase.

The LLLT    is believed to increase the blood flow and stimulate metabolism in Catagen or Telogen follicles , resulting in production of Anagen Hair .

Damaged Hair Treatment​ Reviews

Damaged Hair Products

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Damaged Hair Treatment​ FAQ's

You can pick up from various treatments like Nutratherapy and LLLT , but remember the underlying conditions like nutritional deficiencies should  also be treated simultaneously to achieve great results .

Damaged hair results from damaged follicles . it is essential that the expert understands what has caused the damage and repair and nourished the hair follicle . Hair follicle treatments cannot be carried out at home

Yes, damaged hair will ultimately fall out and cause hair loss or alopecia. Act before it is late.

Various causes are implicated for damaged hair 

  • Improper diet 
  • Excessive chemical styling
  • Over drying
  • Over washing
  • Using strong shampoos
  • Over heating
  • Excessive rubbing during towel drying 

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