Damaged Hair Treatment

Symptoms of Undernourished and
Damaged Hair

If you have any of these signs, you must seek treatment for Damaged Hair

Treatments for UnderNourished & Damaged Hair


You can pick up from various treatments like Nutratherapy and LLLT , but remember the underlying conditions like nutritional deficiencies should also be treated simultaneously to achieve great results .

Damaged hair results from damaged follicles . it is essential that the expert understands what has caused the damage and repair and nourished the hair follicle . Hair follicle treatments cannot be carried out at home .

Yes, damaged hair will ultimately fall out and cause hair loss or alopecia. Act before it is late.

Various causes are implicated for damaged hair

  • Improper diet
  • Excessive chemical styling
  • Over drying
  • Over washing
  • Using strong shampoos
  • Over heating
  • Excessive rubbing during towel drying

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