Chin Treatments

Chin Treatments

A beautiful and proportionate chin can enhance the looks of a person greatly. Similarly a double chin, small chin and a very large chin can steal  your looks.

Concerns with Chin

  1. Double chin 
  2. Small chin
  3. Large chin

Double chin

Double chin is a common condition caused by the accumulation of fat below your chin Double Chin can be caused by weight gain, aging, and sagging skin. Double chin. can be treated by Lipolysis ( fat dissolving injections ) and Liposuction.

Small chin

People with Small chin have narrow jaw angles and this greatly affects the lower face and the overall looks of the person Chin Augmentation can be planned in these patients through Chin Implants. Chin augmentation is a permanent surgery and gives good results. It helps give a more defined jawline to the person.

Big Chin

Big Chin

People may have a big chin, this causes disproportion of the facial structures giving an unbalanced look These people can undergo a Chin Reduction Surgery Chin reduction surgery reshapes the bone in relation to a more proportionate face.

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The best way is to ascertain the cause , is it due to sagging skin or accumulation of Fat . 

If  Double Chin is due to accumulation of Fat , then you can go for  Liposuction or Lipolysis . In case Double Chin is due to sagging skin , you should go for a Lift .


Most Chin Implants last for a lifetime 

When done by a trained Plastic Surgeon , Chin Implants are safe . As with other Surgeries there are few risks involved such as infection , bleeding etc .

Pain associated with chin implants is minimal and can be easily managed with Pain killers . 


Chin Reduction surgery can be done after 18 yrs

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