LED Facial

LED Facial / Bio Light Facial / Light  Facial  is an advanced Medi Facial treatment. It uses Light Emitting Diode therapy of different wavelengths for a desired effect on the skin .

Science behind LED Facial

Different wavelengths penetrate at different depths in the skin leading to stimulation of different cell types and hence the desired results on the skin. Wavelengths used are Blue, Red, Green.

Benefits of LED Facial

  • Treat Acne
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Promote Anti-Aging Effects

Patient Care & Comfort is our Top priority.

That is the reason our family of patients has been continuously increasing since 2004



LED Facial Is safe as it does not contain Ultraviolet light .

LED therapy  harnesses the healing power of light for a total skin rejuvenation solution. By sending soothing energy deep into the tissue, LED works on a cellular level to combat active acne, reduce redness and rosacea, stimulate collagen production, and induce faster healing .

Yes, research has shown that LED therapy is useful in wound healing and other types of skin damage . 

Not at all, LED Facials are a very comfortable and relaxing experience .

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