Skin Tags

Skin Tags are little flaps of skin formed due to friction.  It starts as a small bump or gland on the skin , once it starts rubbing , the skin cells get activated and produce more cells and you get a ball of skin attached to a thin pedestal.

How do skin tags look?

  • Appear as flaps of skin.
  • Vary form a pinhead to 3 cms. 
  • Looks like a ball when they are bigger. 
  • They usually occur in areas of friction – armpits , neck etc.


Treatment of Skin Tags

Surgical Removal

Skin Tags are Removed by blade Sutures can be placed Safe and Effective Single Sitting Procedure.


Uses cold /freezing treatment to Remove Skin Tags Effective Painless Single Sitting Procedure.


Removal by using either Radio frequency cutting or Electrical cutting Painless done under local anesthesia Effective Single Sitting Procedure.

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No, Skin Tags and Warts Are not the same . Skin Tags are flaps of skin caused by friction whereas Warts are caused by HPV virus .

Differentiating a skin tag vs wart is rather simple. A colorless raised flap of skin that looks like a little balloon on a stick is a skin tag. A rough, broad-based patch of thick skin is likely a wart.

No, skin tags are not contagious , so they don’t spread from one area to another .

Since skin tags are caused by friction , they have a tendency to occur in people who are obese , poeple who wear tight clothing , jewellery etc. avoid tight clothing or jewellery that cause friction

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