Scar Revision

Scar Revision

Scars are visible signs that remain after the wound has healed or skin is cut .Poor healing may contribute to appearance of scars that comprise the looks of the patient . Scars may be noticeable because of their shape ,color difference from surrounding skin , can be raised above the surface or can be depressed .Scar Revision surgery will attempt to minimise the scar and make it less conspicuous  . The objective is to blend it with the surrounding  skin . 

Types of Scars

Discolored Scars

These scars are visible because of their difference in color from the normal skin.

Hypertrophic Scars

these scars are raised above the level of skin.


they are bigger than hypertrophic scars.


- scars caused by pulling of the skin together like in burns .

Who is a good candidate for Scar Revision

  • If you are concerned the way you look as a result of the scar.
  • You are physically healthy. 
  • You do not smoke. 
  • You have a positive outlook and realistic expectations.


Types of Scar Revision surgery

There are basically 2 types of scar revision surgeries dapibus leo.

Skin Graft

in this Scar revision surgery , the damaged tissue is removed and it is replaced by healthy tissue in the form of skin graft.

Z Plasty

in this scar revision surgery a Z shaped incision is made extending from the scar tissue into the healthy tissue . once this flap is created , it is repositioned in a more aesthetic pattern to make the scar appear inconspicuous.

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The cost of scar revision depends on the size of the scar and the type of procedure required to remove it

As with any surgery , scar revision is also associated with some risks. The risks depend on the extent of the surgery and the area where surgery is done . 

The scar revision surgery is not painful as you will be under anesthesia during the procedure.


The initial phase of scar revision may take upto 1-2 weeks to heal , post which the scar will fade over a period of time

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