Dimple Surgery

Dimple Surgery

A dimple is a small depression on the cheeks or chin which makes your smile attractive & impressive. Besides beauty, dimples are known as a sign of beauty and good luck. Approximately 20% of the world’s population has natural dimples. Dimple Plasty is known as one of the best surgery for dimple creation and an attractive facial contour.

Who can go for a Dimple Surgery/Dimple Plasty ?

  • Any healthy male or female can go for Dimple Surgery.
  • If you want to enhance your looks, you are the right candidate for Dimple Surgery. 
  • Very commonly Brides and Grooms can go for Dimple Surgery prior to their Big Day.


Dimple Surgery / DimplePlasty Procedure

  • It is  relatively simple surgery. 
  • Done under local Anesthesia or under Conscious Sedation. 
  • Recovery is fast.
  • In Dimple Surgery / DimplePlasty   your Plastic Surgeon will make a tiny incision on the inside of your cheek . there are no cuts on the outside. A small piece of cheek muscle is removed and the remaining muscle is attached to the underlying skin with dissolving stitches. 

Patient Care & Comfort is our Top priority.

That is the reason our family of patients has been continuously increasing since 2004



The final results will be seen after 2 months of the surgery , till that time you will be able to see the dimple even when you are not smiling .


Dimple Surgery / DimplePlasty  is a very safe procedure , but as with any surgery there can be risks . the most common risk is infection that can be easily managed by  antibiotics 

Yes, Dimple Surgery / DimplePlasty can be reversed . It is always better though to make a conscious decision to go ahead with the Dimple Surgery / DimplePlasty  procedure .

Yes Dimple Surgery / DimplePlasty  if done by an expert , it look natural and add to your looks 

You will have to avoid hard foods for a week after Dimple Surgery / DimplePlasty  , thereafter  you can go back to your regular routine . 

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