Body Polishing

Body Polishing

Body Polishing comes up with numerous skin benefits including Removing Dead Skin Cells, Unclogging Pores,  Promoting Cell Regeneration, Moisturizing  and Hydrating Dry Skin. Exfoliation helps in improving the skin’s appearance, and makes it healthier. Clinic Eximus offers you excellent Body Polishing technique providing you smoother, softer and radiant skin.  We also provide you an array of options such as Tan Removal, Nourishing, Brightening, Anti-Cellulite Body Polishing.

Check Out the Benefits of Body Polishing

Let’s have a quick introduction of the benefits of body polishing.

Promotes Cell Growth

It’s excellent for exfoliating skin, where it not only removes the dirt but also provides opportunity for growth of new cells. It reveals layers of skin and provides healthy and glowing skin.

Decrease Pigmentation

Decrease Pigmentation

It’s perfect for eliminating the blemishes as well as production of melanin. This is pretty much effective for making skin brighter.

Rejuvenate Skin

Rejuvenate Skin

In addition to above mentioned benefits, body polishing provides relief from the pollutant. These can produce adverse effects on skin including making it dull and lifeless. It helps in removing the dead skin cells and offers a natural glow.

Promote Blood Flow

Body massage is extremely effective for stimulating the blood flow in the body and helps the skin to relax. It’s excellent for enhancing skin’s texture as well as providing natural glow.

Hydrate Skin Cell

It’s best fit for opening of skin pores and restricting the further accumulation of dirt. This technique helps in providing the soft and smooth surface.

Body Polishing For Brides

We at Clinic Eximus offer an array of skincare services for Brides & grooms.  The objective of this is to provide a healthy and natural glow. Our team is professional in every manner, and understands your concerns. When we perform body polishing – we  work to provide healthy, fresh and attractive skin. It’s extremely relaxing and therapeutic, making your skin soft, smooth and glowing. It should definitely be on your list of Pre Bridal sessions.

Patient Care & Comfort is our Top priority.

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Clinic Eximus is the best Body Polishing in East Delhi. Great range of services for brides, medi facials, pigmentation treatment, minor surgical procedures, non-surgical facial enhancement,etc.


Body Polishing at Clinic Eximus is done with the latest  technology and techniques rather than using scrubs , which makes it more effective.

3 sessions at a gap of 21 days gives the best results . In case you have less time on your hands , you could go for lesser sessions .

No ,not at all , it is a very relaxing experience .

If the pigmentation is because of accumulation of dead cells, it usually goes away with Body Polishing  . In case it is a deep pigmentation , your doctor will advise you accordingly.

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