Chin Shaping

Chin Shaping  is a Chin Enhancement procedure that is non surgical. It uses Dermal Fillers to create a balance of the Chin on your face.

When to do Chin Fillers ?

Chin fillers help to achieve a better shape and also helps to balance out the Chin in ratio with the overall face. Chin Fillers are used :

  • To correct dimpled chin.
  • Weak Chin.
  • Recessed Chin.
  • Small Chin.
  • Defining the Jawline.

What fillers are used ?

  • Chin fillers used are mainly Hyaluronic acid fillers . Calcium hydroxyapatite Fillers can also be safely used.
  • It is important to understand that fillers can’t correct severely sagging skin or deep wrinkles or any other deep anatomical defects. For these surgical procedures with Chin Implants are better options.

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Chin Fillers can last upto 1.5 yrs to 2 yrs. This depends on the type of Filler used and your body metabolism

Chin fillers can be mildly painful ,but a numbing cream will ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure.

Yes, double chin that happens due to sagging of the skin can be very well corrected with Chin Fillers.

Yes, Chin Fillers are used to give a sculpted look to your face by injecting the Chin Fillers in the right areas .

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