• Freckles are brown spots on your skin. They mostly occur in  areas that get the most sun exposure like the face . 
  • There is an overproduction  of Melanin – the pigment that gives color to our skin .
  • This overproduction is a result of stimulation of pigment cells  from the Ultraviolet Radiation ( UV Radiation )

Causes of Freckles

Though Freckles occur due to overproduction of melanin, there can be many causes that can stimulate this :

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Genes play a major part. If parents have Freckles, then kids will have higher chances to have them too.

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Skin Color

Light Skinned people have a greater Tendency to develop Freckles .

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Some People show a tendency to develop Freckles in Summers that disappear in Winters.

How do Freckles Look?

  • Appear as red to light brown spots. 
  • Appear mainly on the face, back, hands.
  • Are 1-2mm in size, sometimes can be larger. 
  • They can be irregular or can be well defined. 

Treatment of Freckles

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Topical Creams

Topical Creams can be helpful containing Retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels can be very helpful in reducing Freckles . These include TCA Peels, Phenol Peels etc. are very helpful in reducing Freckles.

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Also considered to be one of the most Effective ways to reduce freckles. Fractionated, Resurfacing lasers can remove freckles.


Freckles Products

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Moles are darker , tend to be present at birth and are more dark brown in color .

The best thing is to avoid the freckle from appearing . Since UV exposure is the most common reason for the appearance of freckles , using a sun protection of minimum spf 30 and repeating every 3 hrs will help you prevent freckles.

Yes Freckles tend to fade out but some stay , for them you will need treatment .

 Freckles  have been called Angels kisses, but it is a myth rather than a fact . First of all ,freckles are not present at birth. Secondly, people do lose their looks when they have freckles on their face.

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