Dark Lips Treatment

Dark Lips

Dark Lips or pigmented lips is a common problem faced by many young people also these days. The appearance of Dark Lips is not very pleasing and people try to cover them with darker tints of lipsticks. There are treatments that help you to lighten the color of your lips. but before delving into the treatments, let’s understand  the causes of Dark and Pigmented Lips.

Causes of Dark Lips

The lighter the melanin in the lips, the pink will be the lips as it reflects the blood vessels in the dermal layer. The more melanin, the darker the lips will be.

This melanin can be increased by various factors like :

  • Sun exposure :- He ultraviolet rays of the sun beam stimulate the production of increased amounts of melanin leading to Dark Lips / Pigmented Lips.
  • Smoking :-Nicotine and benzopyrene present in the tobacco can  stimulate the production of melanin leading to Dark Lips / Pigmented Lips.
  • Pregnancy :- Due to the change in the hormonal levels in the body , some women have an increased production of melanin in the body also leading to Dark Lips / Pigmented Lips.
  • Medications :-Certain medications like eth anti malarias also lead to Dark Lips / Pigmented Lips.
  • Medical conditions :-Certain metabolic and hormonal conditions like the addisons disease , etc can also lead to Dark Lips / Pigmented Lips.

Treatment of Dark Lips / Pigmented Lips

In addition to taking care of your Lips by Hydration , Sun Protection, following treatments can help in treatment of Dark Lips / Pigmented Lips.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

These usually contain a combination of feels that can help to reduce the melanin from the Lips giving the Pink Color back.

LASER - Q Switch Nd

Yag Laser is an internationally approved Laser for treating the melanin deposited in the Lip area.

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Yes, in addition to taking medical treatments for dark lips / pigmented lips  , you can also add home care of hydrating and sun protecting the lips. 

The important thing in these treatments is to remove the underlying cause. The best results come when the underlying cause is removed .

Yes , you may be allergic to some substances in the lip colors /lipsticks that can lead to darkening of the lips 


Permanent makeup gives you the option of changing the color of your lips. The effect of the treatment on lips can last upto 6 months .

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