Non Healing Wounds

Non Healing Wounds

Most wounds heal, but there are certain wounds that do not heal leading to Non Healing Wounds. A wound that does not heal in 5- 8 weeks in spite of taking proper care and following instructions are Non Healing wounds.  In such cases, the healing process slows down. Wounds that do not heal or the Non Healing Wounds can impair normal day -to day activities. 

Who is at Risk to Develop Non Healing Wounds?

There are certain condition that lead to  Non Healing Wounds like :

    • Diabetes, anemia, cancer and any other long standing conditions.
    • Heart problems like High blood pressure , heart diseases, varicose veins.
    • Long term immobility where a patient is confined to bed for long periods.
    • Unhealthy habits such as smoking , unhealthy dietary habits , inactivity.
    • A weak immune system as in immune conditions like AIDS, Post Chemotherapy , immunosuppressive medications.
    • A history of Ulcers.

Symptoms of Non Healing Wounds

    • Pain around the wound that gets worse.
    • Dark or blue color around the edges of the wound.
    • Weeping , draining or leaking wound.
    • Redness or swelling that spreads away from the wound. 
    • A bad smell starts to come from the wound. 

Treatment of Non Healing Wounds

The most common presentation of a non healing wound is an Ulcer. The treatment of a Non Healing Wound is based on the severity of the wound or the ulcer. However multiple Treatment options are available. The right treatment will be decided by your doctor which can be a combination of treatments also.

    • Topical wound medication and specialized dressings.
    • Compression bandages.
    • Compression stockings.
    • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
    • Surgical debridement of the wound.
    • Growth Factor. Therapy.
    • Surgery.

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Various factors affect and cause Non Healing Wounds like metabolic issues, vascular issues , post chemotherapy , immunosuppression

Vitamin C plays an important role in wound healing . In the deficiency of Vit C , Non Healing Wounds can be caused.


In case of wounds that are caused by decreased blood flow compression bandages and stockings can help it heal faster. This helps in improving the blood circulation in the area.

Most wounds don’t heal without debridement . debridement consist of removing dead tissue pieces from the area and thue restoring blood supply 

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