Non Healing wounds

Non Healing wounds

Who is at Risk to Develop Non Healing Wounds?

Symptoms of Non Healing Wounds

Treatment of Non Healing Wounds


The results of a surgical Eyebrow LIft last easily for 10-14 yrs. This also depends on the the skin care routine of the individual

Eyebrow LIft also called as forehead lift raises the eyebrows, , decreases the frown lines , sagging skin .

Yes Eyebrow LIft lifts your forehead whereas the Eye Lift solely focuses on the eyes.

Eyebrow LIft can help hooded eyes but if there is excess skin on upper eyelids and under eye bags , you will need eyelid surgery / blepharoplasty

Most Eyebrow LIfts are done under local anesthesia , so you will be awake for the procedure .

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