Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Delhi

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Surgery helps to rebuild the shape. Clinic Eximus team of Plastic Surgeons do a complete examination and prepare you for breast reconstruction surgery. It’s potentially beneficial to improve your body image, self-esteem, confidence, as well as personality. It’s excellent and result-oriented but cannot be a perfect match or substitute for your natural breast. Our breast surgeons help you in every manner, telling you pros and cons as well as advise you. Breast reconstruction surgery not only will change your appearance but also will provide psychological benefits.
High success rate, world-class facilities, and a proficient team of Breast Reconstruction Surgeons make us the BEST Reconstruction Surgery Clinic in Delhi.

Different Breast Reconstruction Options?

Let’s have a quick overview of Breast Reconstruction options available at Clinic Eximus.

While doing this procedure, nipples and areola are removed during surgery. Nipple reconstruction procedure is mainly an outpatient procedure done with the help of local anesthesia. This procedure can be done after the breast reconstruction and allows new tissues to heal and should settle into the place. In the Nipple reconstruction procedure - your doctor can make small changes in the size as well as in the position of the breast.

To create a mound to reconstruct the breast, a Tissue flap procedure is used. In this procedure, the tissue is taken from the woman’s abdomen or back. Tissue flap procedure is also called the pedicle of tunneling procedure.

This procedure involves stretching the skin with a tissue expander. The tissue expander is filled by adding saline usually once a week for a few sessions. You may have some pain but the results will be outstanding.


Clinic Eximus and Team are known for their outstanding work, since our inception we have treated thousands of Breast Reconstruction Cases. A list of happy clients makes us proud. Today we are known as the BEST Breast Reconstruction Surgery Clinic in Delhi.

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