Types of Burns:

They are called Superficial Burns as they affect the outermost layer of the skin.Signs include:
4.Dry peeling skin occurs as skin heals
Signs and symptoms heal within 7-10 days when the skin sheds.

They are more serious as damage extends below the top layer of the skin.Signs include:
1.Red skin
2.Skin ready to blister
3.Blisters pop open leading to a weeping wound
4.Takes longer than 3 weeks to heal
5.Heals without scarring but with pigmentation

Damage extends through all layers of skin , making them severe category burns.Signs Include:

1. can be painless because of extensive damage to nerves
2. waxy white color
4. dark brown color
5.blisters that do not develop
6.leathery texture
7. heal with strictures and contractures

Treatment of Burns

Surgery for Burns


For non complicated burns , an over the counter Neosporin can be used .


1.Immediately immerse the burnt area in tap water or cold water and apply cold compress.
2.Do this for 10 min till pain subsides.
3.Apply Petroleum Jelly 2- 3times daily.
4.Avoid applying toothpaste, butter, creams as they can cause infection

Burn can be covered only by a non stick dressing

Deep partial thickness burns injure the deeper layers of skin making them appear red and white .

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