Glow Facial

Glow Facial /Eximus Bright

Glow Facial / Eximus Bright

Medical Technology has advanced Tremendously in the present days. There has been a lot of Consciousness amongst people to take care of their skins, this awareness is not restricted to a particular gender. Men and women have become more and more aware of their looks. Henceforth, Technology has developed after due Research to deliver better results to the patients.

One such treatment is Glow Facial that we also call as “Eximus Bright treatment”

Glow Facial  uses  non needle Mesotherapy to penetrate the right Ingredients to your skin so that it radiates with health. Mesotherapy creates channels in your skin through which the right Ingredients are penetrated into the skin .It means your skin is going to respond to whatever we are putting ‘on it’ in a BIG way. Your skin may feel ‘tight’, and subtly lifted even after your first treatment. This ‘channel, or door’ that is created for just a few seconds is allowing whatever we are sending down into that deeper layer (where things ‘happen’ at a cellular level) to create real changes in the skin. Because of the depth it can go…and when the door or channel closes, it stays down there continuing to make positive, corrective changes. Those changes may be a ‘brightening’ serum, or something to help with collagen production to fend off father time, or to increase hydration levels. You will feel it working, and accumulative benefits will be superior.

Who should get a GLOW Facial / Eximus Bright done?

The following people are right candidates for Glow  facial :

    • If you suffer from dull skin that doesn’t glow at all.
    • Brides and Grooms.
    • Monthly maintenance of skin.
    • Loss of laxity of the skin due to oil water imbalance in the skin.
    • Skin Dehydration.


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No, the treatment is absolutely painless and patients feel very relaxed after it .

 In  GLOW Facial /“Eximus Bright  up to 90% of substances are transferred into the skin leaving the skin hydrated and supple . 

  1. Can GLOW Facial /“Eximus Bright” be taken as a  monthly ritual also ?

Thus GLOW Facial /“Eximus Bright” is a very unique facial that caters to most of the skin problems. In cases where patients have healthy skin, this should be incorporated as a monthly ritual. All the medical technologies used improve the conditions and health of the skin as they work from inside out, ie. working on the deep levels of the skin to make it more healthy . If the deeper layers of the skin are healthy the outer layers of the skin will glow. This is in total contrast to the salons/parlours which just work on the outer surface of the skin ,that not only can cause long long standing damage to the skin but also cause many short term issues with skin damage. 

Hence , we as medical practitioners suggest that taking care of the skin scientifically goes a long way in maintaining its health. Invest in a GLOW Facial /“Eximus Bright”

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