What can Smile Makeover change ?

Procedures Used for Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover can vary from a simple procedure of Tooth Reshaping , Tooth Filling to a complete set of Veneers .
The most critical part of the Smile Makeover specially Digital Smile Designing is the planning and checking how it will suit you !

  1. Enameloplasty – A simple procedure to reshape the tooth can work wonders for your Smile . It is Absolutely painless and cost effective.
  2. Tooth Filling – Sometimes adding a small tooth colored filling can not only change the shape but also the size of the teeth ,thereby enhancing your Smile
  3. Teeth Whitening – Whiter , brighter teeth are sure way to a Powerful Smile . Teeth Whitening can help you get that pearly white smile quickly.
  4. Veneers & Laminates – Sometimes, We need to change many things to improve your Smile like the color , shape , Position , that is the time when Porcelain or Ceramic Veneers come into use.
  5. Gum Reshaping – In many cases Smile needs to be improved by just improving or reshaping the Gums, We needn’t touch the teeth to enhance your Smile .
  6. Miscellaneous – Many times, the smile can be enhanced by soft tissues around the teeth like the lips , the Cheeks .

At Clinic Eximus , we have a trained Team that is internationally Qualified for Digital Smile Design and have been the reason for the flashing smile of over thousands of patients .


Not at all , depending on the procedure to be done for enhancing your Smile , the expert can give you Local Anaesthesia or do under Conscious Sedation at Clinic Eximus .

This totally depends on what procedures are needed for enhancement for your smile . Teeth Fillings , reshaping teeth are very cost effective.

Yes , in most of the cases it is Permanent except in cases of Tooth Filling , Teeth Whitening etc.

Digital Smile Design at Clinic Eximus gives you a test Drive for your new smile and lets you see how it enhances you. Only once you are satisfied with your Test Drive, we start the final process.


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