Skin Whitening/ Brightening

Skin Whitening/ Brightening

We may experience dull skin as a result of Ageing. As skin matures, the cell regeneration process slows down, consequently dead cell building begins on the skin’s surface. With the passage of time, these cells accumulate & cause less radiant skin. If you’re not happy with your skin tone & appearance then we are here for you. Clinic Eximus is the foremost skin lightening clinic in Delhi offering you an array of services including skin whitening & brightening treatment. Our team of professionals listen carefully & use best practices to brighten skin and boost its glow.

Skin Brightening

Skin brightening does not only cover the darkness or used for providing the whitening but it also includes the nourishment of your skin. We take note of your skin type and work over this to bring a perfectly healthy, smooth, and fresh look. Our latest skin brightening treatment will help you to get the best results.
Skin brightening also involves the transformation of dull, tired, and sluggish skin into fresh and glowing skin. A few factors leave bad effects on the skin which may cause dark and dull skin. In this list- sun, environmental pollution, dry skin, stress, and other medical conditions are counted. Clinic Eximus is the top-notch skin brightening treatment clinic in Delhi/NCR region.

What Is Skin Whitening?

Skin Whitening is a very simple way is the practice of using chemical treatment in order to lighten the skin by lowering down the concentration of melanin. Melanin is responsible for skin’s color. Production of this pigment occurs due to melanocytes that are located along the dermal-epidermal junction. Today, skin whitening treatment has been prevalent in our society. To achieve fairness & remove dullness, Clinic Eximus’ skin care specialists use chemical substances that are safe for your skin.

Overview of Skin Whitening Treatment at Clinic Eximus

In e-facial, our specialists first examine your skin type and identify the area where treatment is needed. e-Facial provides you fresh and stiff skin with appropriate water balance. In the context of applications, a short electrical impulse is used for penetrating the cell membrane which helps in entering multi-active serum.  The highly concentrated serum enters deeply into the skin to nourish your dermis level.  It’s a pain-free treatment, where we adjust the equipment according to the client’s potential. Eximus skincare specialists understand your skin and help you accordingly.

Mesotherapy has its own significance in improving skin tone and texture. It’s helpful in softening fine lines, wrinkles and tightening loose skin. At Clinic eximus mesotherapy treatment is used for face, neck and under eye rejuvenation. This treatment involves a micro-needling procedure.

We aspire to enhance your inner beauty by exfoliating the top layer of skin. Chemical peels are used for improving skin appearance, tone and texture. It’s beneficial for reducing the discoloration caused by sun damage, clear up breakouts, and promoting healthy skin cell growth. Peels helps in the eradication of fine lines and wrinkles.

Our drug-based treatments are pretty much effective to prevent skin damage and dark spots. By the use of special enzymes, orals/IV or injectables we carry out the treatment. Our dermatologists will help you to eradicate the skin problems with ease.

At clinic eximus we closely examine the skin condition before applying any treatment on your skin. Switch laser treatment is effective and safe for all skin types. This procedure is good for providing young and healthy skin. The laser is used for stimulating the important proteins, and production of collagen, it’s also effective for smoother and fairer skin. It helps in improving the complexion. High levels of light will eradicate unwanted skin cells and allow the generation of the new cells while replacing the older one. We are well recognized for our best YAG Q Switch Laser Treatment in Delhi.

We are recognized for world-class skin treatment where our team of skin care specialists gives you all the necessary information about procedures & treatments. Our skin ageing treatment starts after a thorough examination of your skin types and their condition. As per your skin conditions we provide suitable treatment including peels, mesotherapy, botox etc. Our specialists offer you an array of advanced treatment approaches like skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, and skin brightening treatments.

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