Kitava Acne Buster Gel


  • Kitava Acne Buster Gel- It will Fight acne with the advanced and multifunction formulation of Adonis Kitava Acne Buster Gel.
  • It is effective for controlling acne, sebum, open pores, and bacteria.
  • It has a multifunction formulation developed according to the perfect treatment given to the acne.
  • It helps to control acne, sebum, open pores, bacteria and reduce inflammation.
  • It helps to heal pimples quicker by reducing skin inflammation and swelling.  Anti-acne gel to fight formation of blackheads and whiteheads as it heals the skin faster.


  • Kitava Acne Buster Gel-Effectively treats acne and reduces breakouts of acne. Heals pimples by reducing inflammation of skin.
  • Reduces and prevents formation of blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Helps in controlling excess sebum or oil production. suppresses the activity of androgen.
  • Reduces the enlargement of sebaceous gland expanded by male hormone peels off clogged pores prevents aggravation of acne due to mental stress.
  • Normalizes the skin and peels off clogged pores.


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