Fiducia Hair colour Dark Brown


  • Fiducia Hair color Dark Brown- For Allergy Sufferers, Pregnant women, Lactating women & For sensitive skin people- 150 gm (Dark Brown)
  • Regain the shiny luster of your hair that was lost due to PPD in your hair color with PPD free Fiducia Bio Color.
  • This semi-permanent hair color can be used even if your hair is colored with henna/chemical dyes.


  • Fiducia Hair colour Dark Brown-it is made up from 100% natural herbs, which is enriched with natural botanical extracts and is free of toxic chemicals like PPD, Ammonia, & Peroxide.
  • It is best suited for pregnant and breastfeeding woman and woman can be safely used before, during,and after pregnancy.
  • Fiducia herbal Hair colour has the good Fragrance of herbs and leaves your hair Lustrous shiney, healthy.
    • Accacia Catechu 5%, ingredients-Indigofera Tinctoria 50%, Lawsonia Inermis 27%, Rubia Cordifolia 5%, Accacia Catechu 5%, Accacia Concinna 3%, Coffee Arabica 5%, Eclipta Alba 2%, Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.


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