Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Types of Reconstructive Surgery

Breast Reconstruction is done after mastectomy ,specially after cancer Surgery . It involves reconstruction of the whole breast or a part of it . some procedures are

  • Nipple Reconstruction-While doing this procedure, nipples and areola are removed during surgery. Nipple reconstruction procedure is mainly an outpatient procedure done with the help of local anesthesia. This procedure can be done after the breast reconstruction, and allows new tissues to heal and should settle into the place. In Nipple reconstruction procedure - your doctor can make small changes in the size as well as in the position of the breast.

  • Tissue Flap Procedure-To create a mound to reconstruct the breast, Tissue flap procedure is used. In this procedure tissue is taken from the woman’s abdomen or back. Tissue flap procedure is also called the pedicle of tunneling procedure.

  • Implants-This procedure involves stretching the skin with a tissue expander. The tissue expander is filled by adding saline usually once a week for a few sessions. You may have some pain but the results will be outstanding.

Post cancer Reconstruction involves the reconstruction of a part of the body that was either damaged or removed during cancer treatments .

For eg after an oral cancer you may need a jaw reconstruction , post a breast surgery you may need a breast reconstruction.

Reconstruction can be done using your own body tissues or using Implants

Accidents and injuries may badly damage a part of the body . This can lead to poor body image and lowered confidence . Reconstructive surgery plays an important role in recreating the damaged part and restoring confidence

Black Fungus has led to extensive damage post the emergence of Covid -19 . It leads to a very fast and extensive damage to orofacial tissues. Our Skilled team at Clinic Eximus is trained to reconstruct complex cases of Black fungus damage .


Reconstructive surgery is effective only if you are able to have realistic expectations and the surgeon is able to match them .At Clinic Eximus , we take special care to understand your concerns and needs and give you a clear idea of results . Once the results are in alignment with your expectations , we proceed with Surgery.

Reconstructive Surgery can help to restore your body and its functions. It also helps to improve confidence .

As with all surgeries , Reconstructive Surgery is also associated with some risks like

  • Bleeding
  • Infections
  • Anesthetic complications
  • Healing issues etc

This totally depends on the type of Reconstructive Surgery you have been through . for most Reconstructive Surgeries you need a few weeks off.

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