Pre Bridal & Groom Treatments for Radiant Looks

  • Marriage is the event of a lifetime!. All your memories are going to be captured in your pictures and you will be immortalised in your albums!

  • No wonder everyone wants to look their very best for their BIG day, be it the bride or the groom. We at Clinic Eximus are committed to giving you Shinier Hair, Glowing Skin and Brighter Smile for your Big Day.
Pre Bridal Skin Brightening Facial at Clinic Eximus, Expert Grooming Services at Clinic Eximus, Laser Hair Reduction for Brides and Grooms, Teeth Whitening for a Brighter Smile on Your Big Day, Complete Hygiene and Safety Standards at Clinic Eximus

Procedures can you get done to look your best on your BiG day

Why Choose Clinic Eximus for Your Pre-Bridal & Pre-Groom Services?

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Pre Bridal & groom FAQ's

Most of us have been going to the salons for our pre bridal services , but essentially the difference is 

  • In a clinic there is a scientific way to approach your concern
  • We work to improve your skin   by treating the root cause of the problems therefore giving better results .We always work on the second layer , if the second layer is healthy you will see a glow on the surface i.e the first layer.
  • Results are always longer lasting 


Hair spas are designed to work on the outer layer of the j=hair which is essentially a dead layer.

The health of the hair is determined by the health of the hair follicle. If your hair follicle is properly nourished , then you will obviously get healthy hair . That is why we recommend Nutratherpy for healthy hair as it deeply nourishes  the hair .

Smile designing is a way to make your smile match with your personality and make changes around it. These changes can be sometimes minimal like rounding off tooth edges to veneers for teeth .your doctor will analyse you nd suggest your smile design protocol

The earlier you start , the better the results . This is because we work on treating the root cause of the problem and creating a healthier skin and hair . Ideally anytime 4-6 months prior to the wedding you should start the treatments . In case you don’t have that much time, 3 months is a good enough period. 


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