Dr. Rajat Mathur

Dr. Rajat Mathur

Dr. Rajat Mathur

The ability to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice. 

Dr. Rajat Mathur is the principal dentist at Clinic Eximus, located in East Delhi. He completed his graduation from CODS, Mangalore, in 2000 and has pioneered the use of the DENTAL OPERATING MICROSCOPE in his clinic in East Delhi. He also completed extensive and advanced training in dental implants under the aegis of the University of Detroit, Mercy, U.S.A. 

His clinical skills, spanning more than 17 years, and his special expertise as a MICROENDODONTIST have placed him in the league of a handful of dentists in the whole of Delhi.

Dr. Rajat Mathur established his private practice of clinical dentistry back in 2004 in Delhi, and there has been no looking back since then. If he must be described in one word, that word would be – ‘LEARNER.’ His appetite for learning and incorporating the latest in the field is insatiable. That’s why one thing guaranteed at CLINIC EXIMUS is that you will receive the latest and the best.

His geniality, along with competence, makes him the favorite dentist of people in East Delhi, also available in Gurgaon. He is cognizant of all the latest techniques and materials available in modern dentistry by regularly attending lectures, seminars, and hands-on courses. He believes in the principle of minimally invasive dentistry and can provide the highest level of service to the teeth with the least invasiveness. His clinical skills, expertise, and innovative nature have taken the practice to new heights.

In these 17 years, he has formed a core team of like-minded dental specialists who believe in giving their best in their respective fields. That is the reason CLINIC EXIMUS loves venturing into less-traveled areas such as FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION AND REHABILITATION, COSMETIC SMILE DESIGNING, COMPLEX CHRONIC JOINT PAINS, and INVISIBLE BRACES.

On a personal front, he is a YOGI at heart and believes that yoga and spirituality are not just something you do but the only way to live successfully. Hats off to him because behind each case, each patient is his commitment to working with 100% purity and awareness.