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Pigmentation is everyone’s concern these days. Are you also fed up with your skin pigmentation? Do you want to get an even skin tone? Are you using the right cream to fight your pigmentation? If you are confused about what is best for your skin pigmentation, this video is especially for you. Here is an expert dermatologist from Clinic Eximus who is talking in detail about skin pigmentation. In this video, she has discussed the type of pigmentation, the molecules that act on pigmentation, their mechanism of action, and the best products you can use. So make sure that you watch this video till the end and choose the right cream for yourself for a better and enhanced look.

Time Stamps:

00:00 Get Rid of Pigmentation: Best Cream For Your Pigmentation | Tips to Treat Pigmentation
01:00 What is pigmentation?
01:40 Triggers of increased pigmentation
02:29 Molecules that work on pigmentation
03:23 How to choose the right pigmentation cream
08:48 Tips to treat pigmentation

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