Pigmentation Removal Treatment

What is pigmentation?

  • Any change or deviation from the normal skin colour is pigmentation. Melanin cells can be  stimulated because of various reasons leading to pigmentation.

Why Hyperpigmentation happens ?

Melanin cells are present in the second layer of our skin. wherever there is increased such exposure and our skin is not protected against it. These melanin cells start producing the pigment melanin to prevent our skin from sun damage. This causes the appearance of a tan.

 Pigmentation is actually of protective repose to protect our skin from damage. It is because of the darkness it does not look good when we have tan.

Reason for Hyper-pigmentation

 Hyper pigmentation or increased amount of pigmentation can be seen because of various reasons like.

 Local Reasons

  • Increased sun exposure or exposure to screens
  • Improper use of sunscreens
  • Dryness and dehydrated skin
  • Excessive  use of face washes, scrub cosmetics etc.
  • PIH ( post inflammatory healing ) after any injury etc in case of Acne etc.
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Types of Hyper -Pigmentation

For easier understanding pigmentation (increased darkening )can be described as three types.

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Skin Tan/Uneven Skin Tone

A uniform increase in the pigmentation on your face leading to uneven skin tone .

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Small brown /black spot that appears on the nose and cheeks

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Large brown patches of pigmentation seen on skin.

Uneven Skin Tone Treatment / Pigmentation Removal Treatment

At Clinic Eximus we follow a holistic approach to treat  Pigmentation of face 

Chemical Peels

 Chemical peels are very helpful in treating the pigmentation can be superficial or medium depth. Choice of peel depends on the type of pigmentation treated. Sometimes a combination of peel can be used to treat the pigmentation. Commonly used peels are Glycolic, Yellow peel, TCA peels , etc. advantages of using Peels are

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LASER Toning

A variety of lasers are used to treat different types of pigmentation.  Laser toning shows amazing results in treatment of uneven skin tone and pigmentation of face .


Mesotherapy is one of the most useful methods of achieving an even toned , pigment free skin .

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Treatment Medi Facials

 Treatment Medi Facials are  quite effective in  taking care of the uneven skin tone .



 Uneven skin tone is a type of pigmentation . In addition to following the regular routine of cleansing , toning and moisturising with  medical grade products . opt for Treatment Medi Facials , laser toning etc for that even skin tone

Yes , it does go away . uneven skin tone is mostly temporary , but if it is left untreated then it cna progress to melasma.

Uneven skin tone is a mild type of hyperpigmentation. It can also be said that it is the initial stages of hyperpigmentation that is why  the need for faster treatment to prevent it from getting worse.

 Initial pigmentation can be easily removed permanently when  treatment is started in the early stages . uneven skin tone , freckles respond very easily and effectively to treatment .

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