• Microdermabrasion or MDA as it is mostly called is the method of skin resurfacing. It is one of the most popular methods for skin Rejuvenation today due to minimal downtime and low incidence of side effects.

Science behind Microdermabrasion / MDA

  • Microdermabrasion typically removes the outermost dead skin cell layer .It uses vacuum and either diamond or aluminium crystals to achieve this .
  • Depending on the technique of Microdermabrasion used this causes regenerative changes in the dermal layer by stimulation of collagen production.

Types of Microdermabrasion

Mostly two types of microdermabrasion options are available.

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Diamond MDA

this involves using Diamond tips along with vacuum to exfoliate the skin.

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Aluminium oxide crystals

This involves use of aluminum oxide crystals of various diameters that are used along with welcome to achieve the exfoliation of skin.

The type of exfoliation required will depend on your skin quality. 

Uses of Microdermabrasion or MDA



The first MB machine was made in 1985 in Italy followed by a series of such Machines in Europe. The USA FDA approved this technology in 1996. And since then it has been successfully used for cosmetic Dermatology.

No, microdermabrasion and dermabrasion are not the same. In microdermabrasion only the Superficial layer of epidermis is removed, Whereas in dermabrasion. The entire thickness of skin is removed using Dermabraders. Microdermabrasion is a milder process but benefits are numerous. 

No, MDA is a very comfortable procedure . Numbing cream is not required for the process of MDA so you can understand it is indeed very comfortable. 

UsuallyMicrodermabrasion  MD does not have any downtime. There is no momentary redness during the procedure that usually subsides within 15-20 minutes. Essentially. It is a lunchtime Procedure. 

 MDA has no down time and requires  minimal  care routine post-procedure precautions are as follows. 

2Apply sunscreen immediately after the procedure and do not miss your sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

2. Avoid using creams containing steroids two to three days after the treatment. 3. Avoid using fragrance containing products on skin for two days after the treatment.

4. Keep a 10- 14  days interval between sessions to allow complete regeneration..

Microdermabrasion Or MDA gives excellent results in male skin also.

 Microdermabrasion Works Wonder for both males and females skin in all age groups .Making MDA a part of your monthly ritual by a trained doctor can definitely work wonders for your skin.

 The number of sessions totally depends on your age, type of skin and purpose of Microdermabrasion/ MDA in your skin issue.

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