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Acne Treatment in Delhi

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Acne Treatment

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Treatment Options for Acne Treatment at Clinic Eximus

Non ablative Laser treatments are very effective in the treatment of pus filled acne like pustules . Laser beam is very potent to disinfect the area thus leading to shrinking of the acne . Laser Treatment for acne can give amazing results in a short time .
We at Clinic Eximus - provides the best acne treatment in East Delhi,  use the most advanced Laser for Acne treatment .

Chemical Peels are very helpful in treating Teenage and adult acne too. All types of acne like pustules, papular , and nodular respond well to different types of Chemical peel . Salicylic Peels , Glycolic peels , Mandelic Peels, Black Peels etc are used for Acne treatment. They are painless and give amazing results .

This is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew the overall skin texture . This is particularly useful in Blackheads , Whiteheads. This leaves the skin supple and clear . At Clinic Eximus - who is rated as the leading clinic for acne treatment in East Delhi,  use this in combination with other therapies for a better result.

Bio lights have shown to greatly help in Acne Treatment . This involves using various wavelengths of light like the infrared , blue , red lights of the visible spectrum.
Infrared light has been approved by the FDA for Acne treatment . We provide the best Bio Light therapy as acne treatment in East Delhi.

Intense pulsed light is also used for acne treatment . It is very effective in removing excess oil and dirt from clogged pores

This uses the Ozone therapy  given through a specialised equipment . Ozone has an antioxidant and an antibacterial effect on pustular acne and gives good results .

In addition to various treatments discussed above , medical therapy in terms of locally applied creams and lotions are an adjuvant to acne treatment . these include
1.Benzoyl peroxide gels
2.Salicylic face washes,wipes etc
3.Antibacterials like clindamycin
4.Isotretinoin preparations
They can be combined with oral antibiotics and retinoid preparations like accutane for treatment of severe acne .


Acne has a tendency to heal with scarring either like a deep /superficial scar that appears like a pit or as a pigmented scar. This is particularly true for pustular and comedonal acne . Hence it is advisable to treat acne at the earliest for teenage acne also .

Premenstrual acne occurs in 44%of women and acne is mainly present around the chin and mouth region. This occurs at these sites because sebum glands are present in increased numbers here.
Skin undergoes a change during the menstrual Cycle ,
There is a reduction in the size of the opening of the sebum glands after ovulation leading increase in acne lesions , this is combined with change in skin microflora and increased sebum production following release of estrogen

Moisturising plays a very important role to prevent premenstrual acne. It helps to improve the reduced skin barrier function .
In addition, ensure to remove comedones prior to your ovulation cycle, this prevents increased sebum production, blockage of pores , bacterial growth and inflammation. Medical creams like retinoids can be helpful but this is not much use of systemic medicine .

Adult acne affects 14% of women between the ages of 25 -50 years
It can happen due to various reasons. One of the most common reasons is loss of oil and water balance of the skin. That causes oil glands to become overactive. Our skin has a very delicate oil water balance. There is constant loss of water happening through the surface of the skin with this excessive loss when not compensated leads to overactivity of oil glands for the purpose to prevent more water loss from skin surface
Think of it as if you apply a layer of oil on a wilting flower This will prevent loss of remaining water from the surface.

PCOS is PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome and PCOD is PolyCystic Ovarian Disease

​​PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) is a condition where the ovaries release a lot of immature or partially-mature eggs which eventually turn into cysts. Some of the common symptoms are abdominal weight gain, irregular periods, male pattern hair loss and infertility. In this condition, the ovaries usually become enlarged and secrete large amounts of androgens that can cause havoc with a woman’s fertility and her body. The best treatment for PCOD often looks at reducing the severity of such symptoms through exercise and diet .

PCOS is a condition in which the ovaries produce higher levels of androgen than usual, which interferes with development and release of the eggs. Some of the eggs develop into cysts, which are the little sacs filled with liquid. Instead of being released during ovulation, these cysts build up in the ovaries and at times even get enlarged. PCOS is a metabolic disorder
Due to the increased production of androgens , there is an increased production of acne due to increased sebum production , the acne are usually seen in the lower face and jawline area .

Since PCOS is a complex disorder a comprehensive treatment is established using detailed history , lab tests . The severity of the problem the treatment for the hormonal issues and acne can be done simultaneously
Treatment options vary from chemical peels , lights , Laser, etc along with diligent home care .

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