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Namrata Sanwal

I, personally, had a wonderful experience with Clinic Eximus. Very professional and punctual service. Doctors and staff over there were nice and polite, and made sure that the setting before every procedure was comfortable. Overall, it was a terrific experience and would recommend it to anyone who needs dental consultation and help. Special thanks to Dr. Rajat, who worked with great patience and professionalism.

    Amit Baisoya

    Been blown away by how professional it is, the cleanliness, everything is sterilized. It's a wonderful centre. It's been a lot of fun to see the quality and the first class way that I have been treated.

      Arun Gupta

      I loved the place. The staff treats you very gently. And they give you the most suitable dental treatment. It has a nice young energy. I am sure not scared of Dentists anymore.

        Varun Sharma

        Nice to have Dr. Prera Taneja for my hair treatment. Staff is so helping and caring nature. Consulted for hair treatment and also took treatment which gave positive

          Mukesh Pathak

          Would recommend. I have been coming here for a year now and each time I get great service. I was treated by Dr. Rajat , the best dentist I ever had. He knows what is the best for patients and is very accommodating.

            Aditi Singh

            As a patient of this Healthcare service it feel great as well as comfortable .. fully reliable, I m suffering from pcod because of which there was a good amount of hair growth on my face.. the laser therapy i took here was very comfortable yet proved a great amount of improvement.

              Rajeev Gupta

              One of the best dentist in east Delhi, I was having crown issues for almost a year, but roshini helped me in getting the best treatment and my pain is now.

                Suraj Kashyap

                Best Hair Treatment doctor in Delhi. I was treated with the PRP & Growth Factors technique which is really effective. I can see complete hair growth in a few months . I would suggest to consult Dr. Prerna for any hair related

                  Gajala Parveen

                  I really super impressed by the service of clinic exismus and Dr. Prerna taneja.

                    Pranati Aggarwal

                    Doctors are great. High level of professionalism, would 100% recommend any dental treatments

                      Neha Gupta

                      Excellent experience with the doctors and the staff. Very professional

                        Pramod Dhiman

                        Doctor handled my problem patiently. Suggested best possible solution

                          Sheetal Dutta

                          Hi my name is sheetal and i was suffering from toothache. Then i searched abt clinic eximus through precto.and dr.rajat which is very polite is treating my rct i.e root canal treatment.and he is a very experienced holder and this treatment is pain less..thank you dr.rajat an eximus.

                            Shashi Lata

                            Best facilities equipped with latest technology I recommend that all must visit the Clinic Eximus ... Staff was Very good & helpful

                              Angad Bedi

                              Would recommend 10/10 Dr. Rajat is my dentist since 15 years

                                Sarthak Goyal

                                She has the best facilities.Equipped with latest technology and wonderful staff. I went to the clinic for an acne problem. I was more conscious about my skin than one of my family friends told me about her. Now I am happy with the result.

                                  Aditi Yadav

                                  I went to Dr. Prerna for acne reduction. The acne on my skin has reduced after taking the proper treatment. Overall the problems of my skin have improved a lot. It appears clearer, even toned, and brighter and also feels softer. I am completely satisfied with the treatment. Great services, hygienic. Staff is very friendly and careful while performing services.

                                    Rekha Sharma

                                    What do i even say! The experience was beyond tremendous! The doctor being so courteous, the team so supportive and motivating. When it's about skin issues one needs a lot of motivation to get through my dry skin and doctor prescription worked wonders for me and i must say they did their job perfectly. I can see a day and night difference in my skin already in just 2 weeks. I will recommend Dr Prerna to every second person who will ask about the best clinic.

                                      Suhani Jain

                                      A great clinic! Has a nice atmosphere. Doctors are nice and the place is very hygienic.

                                        Tanvee Khanna

                                        Overall experience was very good. Doctor was very friendly and very clearly described the process before cleaning my teeth. He was very patient in answering all questions that I asked. Thanks for an amazing treatment.


                                          Excellent and very professional in the job. Will always recommend Dr. Rajat not only for cleaning but for any dental problem. Staff is very co-operative. Services are above rating. Thanks.

                                            Shivam Sharma

                                            Superb doctors and their services. No comparison in cleanliness and hospitality.There is no suggestions to be given as such. Everything is just perfect. Advises given are very very good. Happy with my teeth.

                                              Sanchi Ahuja

                                              It has been really good. Brilliantly done my whole treatment. Would love to recommend to family and friends.


                                                It was a good experience with the doctor. He does my treatment with care and gently. I would recommend to all the members of my family and my friends to come here if they have any dental problems.

                                                  Anubhuti Bhati

                                                  Doctor Mathur is one of the best doctor. Seeing him for many years for my dental problems, extremely satisfied. I would recommend every patient to get treatment done by dr rajat Mathur. He is really experienced and patient friendly.

                                                    Shivani Srivastav

                                                    Very satisfactory treatment done by Dr. Rajat Sterilized equipments used. Treated in a hygienic professional environment. Will definitely recommend to other friends. Good and healthy atmosphere as well.

                                                      Arman Khan

                                                      Doctor uncle is very nice and sweet. I had no pain during my filling. i have promised him to brush my teeth two times a day. Everyone was very nice. Thank you.

                                                        Sachin Garg

                                                        A very learned doctor who explained the detailed procedure before proceeding with the implant. Even staff was also very helpful. Thanks for the same.

                                                          Meeta Gupta

                                                          Whole environment of clinic eximus is very good and soothing.i came in for implant and root canal procedure which has been done very nicely and painlessly. Everyone is very well behaved and sweet.

                                                            Anoop K. Pandey

                                                            I am very much thankful to dr rajat Mathur and his team for my entire treatment from removal of my teeth to placement of implants. Now I can chew food properly. Good luck to shri ram clinic and keep up the wonderful job.

                                                              Rudra Gill

                                                              Very nice and friendly. The initial diagnosis was done in a proper and professional way. I am very satisfied with the results and would definitely recommend it to others. Thanks for all your assistance

                                                                Baleshwar Ojha

                                                                Excellent experience at shri ram dental clinic. Completely satisfied with my denture. Good job done by Dr Rajat and his team. Thanks to everyone.

                                                                  Radha Nair

                                                                  Dr Rajat is a very humble, sweet and polite person. He explained me my entire treatment very nicely and deeply. I came in for denture fixation. I am very happy with the treatment done at shri ram dental clinic. The denture is pretty comfortable to chew food as well as while speaking. Thanks Dr Rajat and the entire team. Good luck.

                                                                    Anshul Agarwal

                                                                    The best dental, skin and hair clinic I have ever been to. The staff is very friendly. The doctors are very helpful and highly specialised in their respective fields. Dr. Rajat treats his patients like family. He can provide you the best possible and pocket friendly adbice for anything related to your teeths.

                                                                      Abhishek Arora

                                                                      Had a nice experince doc are really.humble

                                                                        Mishika Singhal

                                                                        Great service.. excellent doctors.

                                                                          Jaskiran Kaur

                                                                          Doctors are very cooperative. environment is also nice thank you so much for helping me always .

                                                                            Surjeet Singh Gill

                                                                            Excellent treatment & suggestion.

                                                                              Bhat Shaista

                                                                              My experience was good with clinic eximus staff...here environment ,especially dr prerna mam is very good.They treat with patients very calmly and nicely.i got my treatment done here dr prerna mam was handling my case...i feel very better than before......Thanku mam ,and her staff....

                                                                                Suvi Sehgal

                                                                                Highly recommended for any dermatological problem as myself was facing acne and heavy hair fall issue, within three sessions my acne was gone and hair fall stopped too, for me it is magical now im more confident and happy wth my skin. Staff is vry cooperative as well

                                                                                  Rakesh Sharma

                                                                                  I and my whole family. I have been coming to Clinic Eximus for past 15 years I have got multiple Dental treatments And my wife has take pigmentation treatment.I can assure you. No body does it better.

                                                                                    Eshant Mathur

                                                                                    I was always scared of Dental treatments specially Root Canal. Everyone told me it is a nightmare But I had taken Root Canal treatment with Microscope at Clinic Eximus by expert Root canal specialist Dr. Rajat.No pain absolutely , no antibiotics it was a great ,Pain-free treatment done in Totally hygiene conditions in these Covid times .Totally recommend Dr. Rajat & Clinic Eximus

                                                                                      Zaina Ali

                                                                                      Amazing experience,very professional

                                                                                        Reuben Noronha

                                                                                        Dr. Prena and her staff did a wonderful job and were very helpful throughout the entire process! Would strongly recommend her

                                                                                          Vipul Nanda

                                                                                          Great doctors and always a wonderful experience when I come here.

                                                                                            Sapna Bansal

                                                                                            It's good on cleanliness..clinic focusing more on quality and service at affordable prices

                                                                                              Bharti Varshney

                                                                                              Worst medication...i m not satisfied with the result.

                                                                                                Aashima Chander

                                                                                                Feel here that we are in safe hands.

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                                                                                                  Varun Sharma

                                                                                                  Nice to have Dr. Prerna Taneja for my hair treatment. The staff is so helping and caring nature.

                                                                                                  Arun Gupta

                                                                                                  I loved the place. The staff treats you very gently. And they give you the most suitable dental treatment.

                                                                                                  Namrata Sanwal

                                                                                                  I, personally had a wonderful experience with Clinic Eximus. Very professional and punctual service.

                                                                                                  Amit Baisoya

                                                                                                  Been blown away by how professional it is, the cleanliness, everything is sterilized.

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