Wart Removal in Delhi

Wart Removal in Delhi

Warts Treatment

Types of Warts


(also called vurruca vulgaris)
1.Grow most often on the fingers, around the nails, and on the backs of the hands.
2.Are more common where skin was broken, such as from biting fingernails or picking at hangnails.
3.Can have black dots that look like seeds (often called "seed" warts).
4.Most often feel like rough bumps.

(also called plantar warts)
1.Plantar warts have these features :
2.Grow most often on the soles (plantar surface) of the feet
3.Can grow in clusters (mosaic warts)
4.Often are flat or grow inward (walking creates pressure, which causes the warts to grow inward)
5.Can hurt, feels like you have pebbles in your shoe
6.Can have black dots

Flat warts have these features:
1.Can occur anywhere. Children usually get them on the face. Men get these most often in the beard area, and women tend to get them on their legs.
2.Are smaller and smoother than other warts.
3.Tend to grow in large numbers, 20 to 100 at a time.

Filiform warts have these features
1.Looks like long threads or thin fingers that stick out
2.Often grows on the face: around the mouth, eyes, and nose
3.Often grow quickly

1.Occur in genital area
2.May be single or multiple

Wart Removal in east Delhi
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Treatment of Warts


Warts are caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Whenever the body’s immune function gets compromised , they are susceptible to develop viral infection.

Warts usually don't regress on their own , they need to be removed.

Yes, warts spread from one person to another and also from one area in a body to other areas in the body .

1.Don't pick , scratch the warts
2.Clean your hands frequently if you touch them
3.Don't touch other people's warts

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