Tooth Fillings

Tooth Fillings

Types of Fillings

They are also called as Tooth colored Fillings , they are the most in demand because they are

1.Tooth colored , can be used for both front and back teeth .

2.Have excellent strength .

Composite resin filling is mainly a mix of two different types of material including - plastic and fine glass particles. As compared to the amalgam filling it’s much stronger.

These are much effective & extremely durable. As gold is an expensive material therefore gold fillings placement is costly. As compared to Composite filling, the gold filling doesn't match with the color of the teeth. These are six to ten times more costly than the amalgam filling.

As the name indicates, it’s the blend of the different kinds of materials including mercury and silver. And these also don't match the color of your teeth. Amalgam fillings are quite strong and therefore stay for at least ten years.

The fillings are better known for providing the natural look as these match with teeth color. The cost of a ceramic filling is equivalent to or higher than gold fillings.

These fillings are known due to their strength and made up of acrylic and fluoroaluminosilicate. These are used in excessive tooth decay conditions, mostly when the decay has been extended below the gum. It’s also best for filling baby teeth.


At Clinic Eximus, we precisely offer painless & safe, Tooth-colored fillings/ Dental Fillings
First, our dentist will assess the use of local anesthetic for providing numbness to the affected area. In case of deep cavities, it is advisable . You can also get cavities filled under Conscious Sedation .
Now after this, to remove the decayed area advanced equipment is used.
An air abrasion instrument or laser can be used for this purpose depending on the location and extent of the decay. After applying the same, your dentist will check out whether the decay has been removed completely or not.

If the decay is completely removed thereafter the dentist will create space for filling where the dentist will clear the debris and cavity of bacteria. In case the decay has reached up to the root region, then your dentist will put in a liner which will be made up of composite resin or other material. This will protect the nerve.

After cleaning and removing the decay the dentist will use the tooth-colored material and will apply them in layers. A special light is used for curing or hardening each layer. After completing the layering process, the dentist will shape the composite material & if necessary the dentist will trim off excessive one. The dentist will after this will go for polishing.


Aesthetics:-The color and shades of this filling are almost close to the teeth. These are perfectly suited for the front teeth as well as visible parts of teeth.

Provides Strong Bonding to Tooth Structure:-These fillings are well-known due to their outstanding tooth structure & provide better support to the tooth.

Versatile:-In addition to filling cavities, these are best fit for repairing chipped, broken, or worn teeth.

Prevent Infection:Tooth color filling is excellent in terms of preventing infections, and allows nerves to relax.

Depending on the material used , Dental Fillings may last up to 15 yrs or more.

The filling doesn't hurt but the process of removing decay can. This depends on the depth of the decay . Deep fillings can be done very comfortably under Local Anaesthesia or under Conscious Sedation.

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