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PRP Treatment

Hair loss has been a severe problem these days due to several reasons like dietary habits, poor water quality, use of extensive chemicals and heat treatments for hair styling, and more. At times, the hair follicles get blocked due to head injuries, resulting in no hair growth and baldness.

However, with the advancement in science and technology, no stone has been unturned in treating any health issues. When we talk about hair regrowth and rejuvenation PRP Treatment has shown promising results.

Moreover, the treatment is 100% safe as it does not involve any external agents for the therapy; Instead, your own blood platelets are injected into your scalp to boost hair growth. The best doctors for PRP Treatment in Delhi say that this treatment is beneficial in most cases as the body readily accepts the injection of its stem cells without showing any rejection. So, the complications or risks due to PRP therapy are limited, and the results are satisfactory.

What Is PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

PRP Treatment or PRP Therapy refers to the Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment for hair loss. This process includes three simple steps to accomplish the hair loss treatment, including blood withdrawal, processing the blood, and injecting the same back into the scalp.

It is one of the most effective hair loss treatment therapies that has been used since the 1980s. PRP Hair Loss Treatment offers hair regrowth solutions to people with injured tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Promote Hair Growth?

Plasma is one of the three essential components present in the blood, and it helps in blood clotting whenever and wherever required. It also contains enzymes rich in proteins that contribute to cell growth. So, when the PRP is injected into the target area, it rejuvenates the skin cells, promoting hair growth.

So, if you are looking forward to Hair Regrowth Treatment in Delhi, PRP is probably the best treatment for you.

Who Will Benefit From PRP Therapy?

PRP Therapy generally works for patients with overall good health. Anyone undergoing the treatment should have good plasma and platelet content in the blood. Apart from that, some other necessary conditions to undergo PRP Treatment are discussed below.

    • Both men and women can benefit from PRP procedures for hair treatment.
    • People with thin hair and not completely bald have higher chances of getting better results from PRP treatment.
    • The candidate should not have any skin allergies or skin disorders.
    • Also, PRP Hair Loss Treatment is not for people with kidney disorders, liver disorders, and diabetes.
    • If you have lost your hair due to cancer, the doctors do not recommend PRP Treatment.
    • PRP Treatment in Delhi is suitable for addressing Male Pattern Baldness, stimulating hair regrowth during a hair transplant, and for cosmetic procedures.
    • People who lose hair due to prolonged stress can benefit from the PRP procedure. The ones with hair loss issues that developed recently gain better results than those suffering hair loss problems for a prolonged time.
    • PRP Treatment in Delhi is also helpful for those who have alopecia

However, getting a complete body checkup is recommended to ensure your health vitals are within the desired limits before you plan Hair Loss Treatment.

Also, the age limit for a PRP procedure is between 18 to 72. So, you must consult the best and most experienced clinician before planning a Hair Regrowth Treatment in Delhi.

Stepwise Procedure of Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment:

The entire procedure can be done in three simple steps, as detailed below.

Blood Withdrawal:

For performing the PRP Treatment, the blood is withdrawn from your body, generally the forearm.

Injecting the Blood in Centrifuge:

The blood withdrawn from the arm is injected into the centrifuge. Here, the blood will be filtered into three different parts, i.e.,

    • Plasma Rich in Platelets
    • Red Blood Cells
    • Platelet Poor Plasma

The PRP will be used for the Hair Loss Treatment, and the rest will be discarded.

Giving Local Anesthesia Before Injecting:

The Platelets Rich in Plasma are to be inserted into the scalp, before local anesthesia is given.

Well, it is a fruitful procedure if proper care and precautions are taken before and after the treatment.

Dos & Don’ts for a PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment:

Every medical procedure might have severe complications instead of results if proper care is not taken before and after the treatment. So, here is the list of Dos & Don’ts to get the best results from Hair Fall Treatment in Delhi.

Pre-PRP Treatment Care:

    • Maintain a Clean Scalp:

The professionals recommend a head wash using shampoo & a conditioner before starting the procedure. There should be no dirt, foreign particles, or added oil on the scalp. The better the sterile spot for injections, the better the results.

    • Stay Hydrated & Eat Healthily:

The procedure shall not be conducted empty stomach, or it might further lead to nausea, dizziness, or weakness. So, it is always better to have a healthy meal and a minimum of 16 ounces of water as a Pre-Prep for PRP Treatment.

    • Avoid Using Styling Products:

Do not apply any hair gel, serum, or other products on the scalp or hair before the treatment.

    • No Alcohol or Smoking:

It is not advisable to drink or smoke before the hair regrowth treatment in Delhi, as it reduces the blood platelet count and the procedure’s chances of success. If you do not follow the instructions, the doctors might disqualify you for the procedure.

Post-PRP Treatment Care:

    • Seek Your Regular Routine:

There are no specific issues or side effects of the procedure so that you can return to your normal work-life routine.

    • Wash Your Hair As Per Routine:

You can wash your hair as you do, depending on your scalp and weather conditions. However, consult the doctor in case of pain or irritation.

    • Don’t Colour or Use Chemicals for 72 Hours:

Using harsh chemicals immediately after treatment might cause infection on the site of treatment. So, staying away for a minimum of three days or the best possible for a week is always better.

PRP Treatment generally does not stop you from living your regular life. However, in some cases, pain or irritation might subside between three weeks to three months, varying from one person to another.

So you can readily say yes to this treatment procedure if you want strong, thicker, and healthier hair.

Patient Care & Comfort is our Top priority.

That is the reason our family of patients has been continuously increasing since 2004

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You can find multiple places for PRP Treatment in Delhi, like Desmoderm, DermaWorld Skin Clinic, and more.

PRP Treatment uses injections and is not invasive, so it is painless and does not involve any recovery time post-treatment.

Doctors recommend a minimum of three consecutive PRP treatment cycles for the best results, each with a gap of 6 months.

PRP Treatment may last anywhere between 18 months to two years. In case you want the results to last longer, you can opt for follow-up treatments every year.

If you undergo PRP treatments under experienced and trained professionals, there are no significant side effects. You can expect a few curable side-effects like:

  • Site-infection 
  • Bleeding due to injury 
  • Little pain on the site of injection 
  • Tissue damage, in severe cases.

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