Hidradermin Body Milk


  • Hidradermin Body Milk-  It is a body milk that replenishes the skin of the body with instant hydration and comfort.
  • Hidradermin Body Milk is for sensitive skin, the lotion not only hydrates but also creates a shield that protects the skin from external aggressions and helps to even out the skin.
  • Hidradermin Body Milk Nourishes protects and repairs dry and damaged skin
  • Provides instant Hydration
  • It Has a long-lasting and intensive formula that keeps your skin hydrated and moisturised
  • It Works deep within the skin and helps repair dryness
  • It Makes your skin supple and soft
  • It Helps restore your skin
  • It will Improves the skin’s barrier function
  • Helps with skin pigmentation.
  • This will help restore your skin’s hydration.
  • For the best and most visible results, it is recommended to us.


  • Hidradermin Body Milk– Dryness of the skin has so many causes like hot or cold weather, low moisture in the air, soaking in hot water, and harsh or drying soaps.
  • Hidradermin Body Milk For Instant Hydration helps to restore the moisture of the body & softens the dry skin.
  • It is best suited for sensitive skin types. Light texture.
  • Visible results after the first applications
  • Instant Hydration is a must in your daily self-care regime.
  • You need to slather your body with a healthy dose of moisturiser to keep your skin supple and even. This unique moisturiser improves your skin health and provides adequate hydration throughout the day.


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