Adoclear Vit C Serum


  • Adoclear Vit C Serum-it is treats melasma, lightening hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin in the skin. For external use, follow your doctor’s instructions, applying it regularly to achieve maximum benefits. Potential side effects include dryness, itching, skin burn, peeling, and redness. If bothered or persistent, inform your doctor. Avoid eye contact; rinse thoroughly if accidental. Test on a small area first for allergic reactions. Discontinue if excessive inflammation or swelling occurs. Pregnant women should consult a doctor. Discontinue use if no improvement after two months.


  • Adoclear Vit C Serum-it is used for brighter, smoother, and firmer skin.
  • It is reduces the appearance of age spots, improves skin elasticity and texture, makes it firm, and brightens skin.
  • It is an antioxidant that removes old skin cells that cause dark spots and encourages production of new cells.
  • Ingredient-Vitamin C ,Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid  and enriched with Highly stable Vitamin-c Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin-E,  Puricare and ferulic acid with goodness of Dead sea Minerals for hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Glow and wrinkles paraffin and silicone-free.


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