Melasma Treatment

Melasma Treatment

Causes of Melasma

Treatment of Melasma

1.Chemical Peels :

a.One of the most common and safest methods to treat Melasma is the use of Chemical Peels .
Peels like TCA , Glycolic , and Lactic Acid, Transxemic acid are used .
b.Minimum or no downtime
c.Multiple sessions are required for it to show results .
d.Completely safe and painless.

2.Laser Toning:

The newer approaches to melasma treatment is the use of low energy Q Switch Nd- Yag Laser.
a.This is also called Laser Toning .
b.Uses low fluence of energy to block the pigment cells
c.Safe and Painless
d.Multiple sittings are required to show results .


These include medicines that are used to be directly injected in the area of Melasma .
a.Uses medicines like growth factors, Tranexamic acid etc.
b.Injected locally in the area of Melasma
c.Can be combined with other modalities of treatments for better results .

Since melasma is a complex situation that is caused by multiple factors inside the body a multiple approach is needed for its management , hence the use of medicines .
a. Certain medicines are given to be applied locally that are depigmenting agents like hydroquinone, tretinoin , corticosteroids and newer salts like azelaic acid, kojic acid etc.
b. Tranexamic acid and antioxidants, Vit C etc help to combat melasma , ,they are usually given as tablets as supplemental treatments .


This totally depends on the reason why Mealsma started in the first place. Many melasmas associated with pregnancy tend to fade out after childbirth , but some melasmas don't. It is always advisable to treat melasma at its first sight .

Though There is no cure to treat melasma permanently , it can be reduced by medicines and procedures like laser toning , chemical peels etc. these also help to prevent melasma from getting worse.

No, usually starts as uneven skin tone in an area ,and then progresses to become more prominent .

Pigmentation of any kind - uneven skin tone , freckles, melasma should be treated at its first skin , this is the only way to stop it from becoming worse

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