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How does Lasers work in Dentistry?

Benefits of Laser dentistry:


Today, LASER is being used in dentistry for different purposes. Its usage is not limited to a certain degree but has broad usage.

1.Gum Disease:- It’s also advantageous in conducting successful Gum Surgeries , reshaping gums and crown Lengthening .

2.Biopsy:- In addition to the above-mentioned usage, LASER is quite effective in removing a small piece of tissue. Lasers are also effective to remove the lesions in the mouth.
3.Root Canal Disinfection:- Chronically infected teeth have various microbes that are resistant to antibiotics . In these cases , LASER is the best way to disinfect the root canal thus increasing the success of the Root Canal Treatment considerably .
4.Tooth Whitening:- In addition, Lasers are quite good in speeding up teeth whitening procedures. A laser beam is applied to the peroxide bleaching solution. On applying a laser beam the peroxide bleach solution results in a fast whitening process.

5.Treat Infections:- Laser is considered as one of the best solutions for a mouth infection and provides relief from the mouth sores.

6.Tooth Decay:- Laser is the best fit for removing the tooth decay problem.

7.Chronic Muscular Pain:- LLLT ( Low Level LASER Therapy ) is a deep relaxation therapy that calms down muscles and relieves chronic pain .
This muscle injury mainly occurs after injury to TMJoint, Bite issues, Wisdom Tooth Removal .

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