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Invisible Braces

Types of Invisible Braces:

Why to go for Invisalign Braces Treatment?


1. Space discrepancy: If teeth are larger in size than the space available in the jaw it leads to crowded arrangement of teeth. Sometimes the size of teeth is smaller than the available space in the jaw, which leads to open spaces in between the teeth.
2) Genetics play a very important role in determining the arrangement of teeth. Size of the teeth and size of the jaw are factors, which are inherited from the parents. Sometimes a child inherits teeth from the paternal side and jaw from the mother’s side or vice versa leading to space discrepancy and crooked teeth.
3) Habits such as thumb sucking or mouth breathing also lead to malpositioning of teeth

Correction is necessary not just for aesthetics or appearance but the main reason is to provide functional stability and prevent future problems.

1) Gum Problems: With crooked teeth the main problem arises while cleaning the area in between the teeth. Even our toothbrush fails to reach and clean this area in between teeth leading to food accumulation, which is the root cause of all gum problems. Weakening of gums eventually leads to teeth mobility and teeth loss

2) Joint & Muscle Problems: Sometimes teeth are so malpositioned that they do not meet each other in a proper manner leading to strained muscles and TM Joint (clicking sound while mouth opening or restricted mouth opening). Continuous stress leads to weakened joint and muscle fatigue, which starts showing serious manifestations as age advances.

3) Crooked teeth can also cause difficulty in speech and pronunciation of some letters.

Sometimes Braces treatment is carried out in adults to treat certain misalignments that cause muscular, joint or gum problems. They also can have the option of metal or ceramic braces.

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