Medifacials/Eximus facials

Medifacials/Eximus facials

Basic Facts about Medical Facials or MediFacials

Science behind Medical Facial or Medi Facials


Salon and Parlor Facials do not understand the science behind skin repair and do not use ingredients and technology that help the skin regenerate and repair.
That's the reason you will feel good when you pamper yourself with a Facial at the salon or the Parlor , but you will not see any results on your skin.

Yes, absolutely . Medical Facials or Medi Facials done under the guidance of the doctor who can understand your skin are absolutely safe .

Most of the Medical Facials or Medi Facials do not have any down time . They are lunch based procedures and suitable for most skin types.

Your doctor will mostly give you a good moisturiser and a medical grade sunblock post a medical g=facial that will help you to repair the skin in a better way.

Medical facials or Medi Facial can use Bio- lights , LASERS, Microdermabrasion . Hydrafacial and many more combinations of technologies to give your skin a boost .
What will suit you , depends on the condition of your skin at that particular time

Usually medical facials/ Medi Facials have no Negative side effects.

Yes, if done regularly medical facials can considerably improve the quality of your skin by:

1.Repairing damaged DNA
2.Stimulating collagen
3.Working on the pigment cells

Mostly Yes. but it would be best for your doctor to see your skin and suggest which medical facial will work best for your skin .

Clinic Eximus is equipped with latest Technology for Medical Facial in Delhi and for Medi facial in Delhi. Through our experience and expertise we give you the best results for a Healthy , Glowing Skin .

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Hydrafacial in Delhi


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