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Is Fear of Dentistry taking a toll on your Dental Health?


During a survey, it was analyzed that about more than 90% of people accepted that a smile is the introductory thing noticed whenever they meet someone.

Considering a smile as an important appearance factor, Clinic Eximus makes sure to maintain it at its best. The set of permanent teeth can be maintained healthy for life long with good oral hygiene practices. The chances of tooth disease, gum diseases and tooth damage can be reduced by maintaining good oral hygiene practices.

Other than good oral hygiene practices the type of diet intake also alters teeth health.

A high-sugar and acid diet can highly affect your teeth’s health. To prevent such instances a low sugar diet and less acidic diet are preferred along with the use of a mouthguard while playing any sports, and periodic dental checkups are an essential part.

Clinic Eximus also suggests to almost everyone, including youngsters, to visit the dentist twice a year. New techniques ensure that dental treatments can be accomplished with no, or minimal discomfort to the patient.

Visit the nearest and best clinic in delhi – “clinic eximus”

Clinic Eximus have highly experienced and well-educated doctors. When a patient visits our doctors for a dental check-up, our dentist makes sure to provide adequate treatment by asking questions about the patient’s general health and medications. There are various systemic disorders that may affect oral health and vice versa. All this is important to be taken into notice as some medicines can affect any part or the complete oral cavity or need to be evaluated before dental treatment.

The doctors will examine each tooth using small appliances, such as a mouth mirror and probe (a fine, pick-like instrument). The dental professional will look for issues like decayed teeth, gum diseases or inflammation and other diseases.

Soft tissues such as gums, tongue, lips, cheeks and palate in the oral cavity are also examined to look for any indications of oral cancer and other possible health problems. The dental professional will also palpate and examine the jaw joints and the lymph nodes in the neck. If a doubted dental issue is tough to be detected by the naked eye such as caries present between two adjacent teeth or any infection. Then x-rays may be required to confirm the suspected problem.

For any detected disease, our senior dentists will provide a proper treatment procedure, cost and time that will be required for the complete treatment.

Clinic Eximus provides a wide variety of dental treatments including orthodontic treatment in Delhi by the best orthodontist in Delhi. It is considered to be the best dental clinic in Delhi

Treatments we provide

Dental implants

Clinic Eximus have the team of best dentist in Delhi who provides the best treatment for tooth loss- a dental implant.

Dental Implants are simply a method of replacing tooth roots. Dental Implants have the advantage of providing a strong footing for fixed (permanent) or removable replacement teeth that are prepared to fit as your natural teeth. The treatment of dental implants can be performed in any age group of people.

The pros of getting dental implants include aesthetics, tooth-saving, reliability and confidence.

Root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment /therapy (RCT) is the therapy of the “Root Canals” of the tooth that has undergone decay. The decay has entered the richest and vital layer of the tooth called ”Pulp chamber”

The need for RCT is due to

  1. Deep carious lesion
  2. Tooth fracture
  3. Non-vital teeth due to false ortho treatment.
  4. Gum infections extended up to the Root Canals.
  5. Bite Irregularities bring damage to the Pulp.

Unlike other clinics, Clinic Eximus uses the Microscopic Root Canal Treatment method. It is the type of Root Canal treatment which is performed under the Dental Microscope. This technique has numerous benefits and considerably increases the achievement of Root Canal Therapy.

Pediatric Dentistry

Kids are treated special when it comes to dental problems. Kids have to be treated thoroughly. Dental procedures for kids are performed contrarily in comparison to adults as kids do have some special needs. Among all the major concerns, the time of treatment, behaviour adaptation and awareness of dental treatments are the most important ones. The dental treatments for kids are the same as for adults except for the way it is performed.

Treatments such as space maintenance, root canal therapy, tooth filling procedure, preventive measures in kids, habit regulations in kids, tooth removal, and early malocclusion correction are performed by our best pediatric dentists.

Smile makeover

Smile is the foremost thing we notice in a person who we meet for the first time. Half of the appearance is dependent on the smile of the person. Clinic Eximus focuses on the appearance and aesthetics of the patient to help them regain their confidence and beautiful smile.

Considering this factor, clinic Eximus provides the best orthodontic treatment in Delhi along with desired changes in tooth size, shape, colour and others.

Teeth whitening treatment

We provide lighter, brighter and whiter teeth. When our patient is not satisfied with their tooth colour, then we suggest the best method for teeth whitening and better aesthetics. Teeth whitening treatment also known as the bleaching procedure is done by the finest doctors with appropriate precautions and procedures.

Clinic Eximus uses advanced methods of teeth whitening treatment. Laser teeth whitening is one of them which is performed by the best dental hygienist with all the necessary precautions. The other method of teeth whitening treatment is Zoom teeth whitening which is almost the same treatment as laser but with more effective and less harmful outcomes.

Why choose us?

By choosing us you are choosing a quality Clinic Eximus that promises to provide the best dental treatments in Delhi. Unlike others, we focus on the factors which are in favor of the patient.

Painless and comfortable Procedures

The majority of the Teeth Procedures are performed painlessly at Clinic Eximus. In some special cases in which the patient is anxious, we provide the facility of Conscious Sedation (Laughing Gas Anesthesia).

Professional & Experienced Dentists

The combined experience of the team of clinic Eximus is more than 40 years. Our dentists also upgrade their knowledge about treatment procedures and medications.

Sterilization control & Hygiene

Clinic Eximus has always maintained good Sterilization. We do follow and upgrade our methods according to international standards with our 55-Step Sterilization Protocol.

Patient Care & Comfort is our Top most preference

The comfort and care we provide have increased our family of patients since 2004.

Latest & Advanced Technology

We are the best dental clinic which is furnished with the latest technology devices and machines.

A large number of Patients are Treated

Clinic Eximus prides itself on caring for thousands of patients successfully with our best team of Doctors. We have provided the most successful and long-lasting treatments.

Cost of Dental Treatments

However, we utilize the latest and most advanced Technology for Dental Treatment. We try our level best to regulate a reasonable and acceptable cost of treatments without jeopardizing the outcomes.

Trusted Treatments

We the clinic Eximus are herded by Trust and faith. The trust of our patients is an accomplishment of our hard work. Establishing trust is a lifelong action that only succeeds through the right morality and good quality. We feel glorious to attain the trust of our patients not only from all over India but also all over the world.

Our biggest Fears when going to a Dentist and getting Dental Treatment

Fear of Pain

Pain is the most common fear that compromises our Dental Health .
Pain is the most common fear that compromises our Dental Health .

Rightful Treatment

Multiple treatments but persistent problems lead to this fear.
Multiple treatments but persistent problems lead to this fear.


Cost is a challenge when it comes to Dental Treatments .
Cost is a challenge when it comes to Dental Treatments .


Evolving Technologies need Advanced Expertise .
Evolving Technologies need Advanced Expertise .

Why Clinic Eximus for your Dental Treatment?

Pain during Dental Treatment.

Most of the Teeth Treatments are done Painlessly at Clinic Eximus. In case the patient is anxious, we have the facility of Conscious Sedation  (Laughing Gas Anesthesia).

Expert & Experienced Dentists.

The combined experience of the team is more than 40 yrs. The team upgrades itself in knowledge every 6 months so that we can deliver the best treatments to our patients.

Sterilization & Hygiene.

Covid -19 has woken us all up to the importance of hygiene and sanitization. Clinic Eximus has always been a pioneer in Sterilization. We have been following and upgrading International standards with our 5 Step Sterilization Protocol. 

Patient Care & Comfort is our Top priority.

 That is the reason our family of patients has been continuously increasing since 2004 .


Latest & Advanced Technology.

Clinic Eximus is the Best Dental Clinic equipped with the latest and most advanced dental technology like  Dental Microscope, Dental Lasers, Digital x- ray etc so that we can deliver treatments that work and last a lifetime.

Thousands of Patients Treated.

We pride ourselves in treating thousands of patients successfully by our team of Dentists. Not only successful results have been achieved but also long lasting results have been delivered. Our youngest patient is 3 yr old!

Cost of Dental Treatments.

Though we use the latest and most advanced Technology for Dental Treatment , we try our level best to manage an affordable cost without compromising the results whatsoever. 

Trusted Treatments.

Clinic Eximus is driven by Trust . The trust our patients  have on us. Building trust is  a lifelong activity that only comes by right actions , ethics and quality services.  We are proud to have the trust of not only patients from all over India but also all over the world .

Clinic Eximus is the Best Dental Clinic for all your Dental Treatments .

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Dental Implants

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Smile Makeover

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Conscious Sedation

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Kids Dentistry

Kids are special patients. When they come with dental problems, they have to be treated comprehensively. .


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening often also called as Bleaching is a procedure to whiten up your teeth giving you ...



Brushing should always be started as soon as the first Tooth Erupts in the oral cavity. Prior to that a clean gauze piece can be used to clean the baby’s gum pads.

Dental Treatment is  important for preventing oral diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease.  Maintaining good oral health indirectly helps to prevent diabetes, heart disease, and many other health issues as well.

Yes absolutely , Dental treatments are done painlessly . We use the latest and advanced technology and our expert dentist delivers the treatment painlessly . For patients who are anxious , we have the option of conscious sedation .

Pain should never be the criteria to take care of your teeth . Once a pain develops in the tooth , the damage has progressed to an advanced stage.

You should visit  the Dentist every 6 months . This will help you to diagnose dental problems  at the earliest stage . Simple treatments can be done in the early stages.

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