Dental Pain

Dental Pain

Common Causes Of Dental Pain:

Tooth Cavity- Cavities in the teeth are the most common cause. The pain normally is proportional to the depth of the cavity.The deeper the cavity is ,the deeper it is to the pulp(soft area inside the tooth-comprising mainly of nerves and blood vessels)-more is the pain.As the cavity begins from top or from sides of teeth-the initial complaint is mostly of sensitivity to sweet and cold and then gradually as it progresses depper it starts responding to hot and once it has reached the pulp we start experiencing pain continuously which is not initiated by any sweet,cold or hot.the pain becomes so intense that you might wake up from sleep also and quite a lot of times no painkiller helps at that time.even postural variation such as lying down or bending down can increase the pain.the treatment is simple cleaning of the cavity and filling if cavity is not very deep but its RCT if the cavity has reached into the pulp.

Gum problems can lead to bad breath , root cavities , mobility of teeth and loss of teeth too. Pain and sensitivity can be the symptom in Gum problems .

 It is also quite a number of times confused as pain in the teeth. It normally happens to be cold but can happen to heat as well, most of the times its there because of cracks in the teeth or because of tooth brush trauma( because of hard brushing or using hard brush) or because of teeth grinding.

The muscles of the head and neck form a complex interactive structure around the oral cavity . They work together for most of the functions . Any problem in the Cervical and in the Face muscles can lead to Dental Pain.

This is a very common problem which happens with most of us and can lead to Pain ,Swelling and Discomfort.

Ulcers in the soft tissues around the teeth can also lead to severe pain. Ulcers can be caused by some Viral infections, trauma , can also be a manifestation of many skin diseases in the oral cavity

Pain in the TM Joint can also present as Pain in and around the oral cavity

Pain can also be related to nerve disorders of the head and neck region.

There can be a plethora of reasons for Dental Pain varying from any lesions of skin manifesting in mouth , oral cancer, lymph node enlargements - just to name a few.



The best way to relieve the dental pain is not to ignore it at its first sign . always consult an experienced Dentist and expert to come out with a logical explanation of Dental pain.

Cases that are simply associated with visible factors and causatives are easier to treat , but cases that are chronic need more time and in depth investigation for study .

Yes , once diagnosed properly you can be relieved of your Chronic Dental Pain also.
At Clinic Eximus , we have treated multiple cases of Chronic Pain some going back to as long as 18 years and wrongly treated for Neurological issue where it was a case of Chronic Pain.

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