Blackhead Removal

No matter! Since when you’re facing the blackhead problem? We are here for you, offering you a complete solution for Black Head Removal.
Our dermatologist uses the best treatment to remove excessive amounts of dead skin cells.

Exactly are blackheads

1. In a very simple way – Blackheads are a mix of oil and dead skin cells that are sitting in pores.
2. Exposure to air causes them to oxidize and turn them black. In the combination skin cheeks are dry while the skin on other parts such as the forehead, nose, and chin is oily.
3. Therefore chances of blackhead breakout can increase.
4. In the context of oily skin, it produces excessive sebum. The skin also appears shiny.
5. The pores become clogged and blackheads or spots occur.

Blackheads Causes

1. As blackhead formation occurs after the clogging of skin’s hair follicles opening.
2. The sebaceous gland which is present in the follicle produces the sebum (oil). When dead skin cells and oils collect in the skin follicle opening then a bump produces.
3. If the skin over the bump is closed then it’s called whitehead but if it’s exposed to air then it may cause the blackhead formation.
4. Let’s have a quick look at the factors which may increase the chances of blackheads and acne.
5. Production of excessive oil.
6. Propionibacterium acnes bacteria
7. Hair follicles irritation due to dead skin cells.
8. Hormonal Changes.
9. Drugs such as corticosteroids and androgens.

Professional Cosmetic Treatment

1. You’ll be surprised by the way we do cosmetic treatment for improving your skin’s appearance! We take care of you utmost giving you an extra dose of care.
2. We also do antibacterial cover-up sticks, face masks, blackhead scrub, clear up stips.


  1. How can blackheads be prevented
    Blackheads can be prevented by different means - which we will discuss in this section.
  2. Wash Regularly:-
    It’s good to wash your face regularly if you want to remove blackheads. If you wash your face more than twice a day, then it may cause skin irritation and your acne can be worse.
  3. Oil-Free Products:-
    Any product that can contribute to new blackheads should not be used. Therefore try to use oil-free products such as lotions, sunscreens, non and comedogenic makeup.
  4. Exfoliating Product:-
    A few products such as scrub and masks are effective to remove the dead skin cells from the face. And this will further reduce the blackheads.
  1. Face Masks:-
    It’s quite effective for removing the dead skin cells and oil.
  2. Blackhead Scrub:-
    It will clear the excessive oil and prevent the blackheads as well as spots.
  3. Clear Up Strips:-
    Clear up strips are good for removing the excess sebum from the pores.
  1. We use advanced cosmetic practices for Blackhead Removal & Acne Treatment. Our dermatologist uses deep blackheads cleaning by the use of specialized comedones extractor tools. Book An appointment online. We make your skin glow and healthy at the most affordable price.

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