Anti Aging Treatment in Delhi

Anti Aging Treatment in Delhi

Signs of Aging

There are various signs of aging below. Some aging is objective, that is you will feel them more than see them and sometimes can be seen easily.

Best Anti Aging Treatment in Delhi

Treatment of Aging - Anti Aging Therapy

Different medium depth and deep chemical peels can have a significant anti aging effect on the skin over a period of time .They help in boosting the collagen and thus giving an effect on the fine lines and wrinkles . They can be used alone or in combination with other treatment options .

  1. Laser treatments like Laser toning also stimulate the collagen production at deep dermal level giving a lifted look and relieving the effects of aging .

Treatment Medi Facials use   a combination of various therapies to give an anti aging effect using Biolights , LEDs, Microdermabrasions etc.

  1.  These include treatments that stimulate the production of collagen at the level of the second layer of the skin - dermis , thereby generating an anti aging effect . 
  1. This is an advanced Treatment facial that uses the power of growth factors from your own blood to create an anti aging effect .This is also called as PRP Facial .
  1. These uses epidermal and dermal growth factors to repair the damage caused by sun and aging leading to the formation of uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles 
  1. Around 50% of the body's hyaluronic acid is present in the skin . Studies have shown a significant decrease in the depth of wrinkles , increase in firmness of the skin and elasticity by using Hyaluronic acid . This treatment uses the power of hyaluronic acid to have an anti aging effect .

 It is a non invasive RF treatment that can tighten , contour and smooth out the aging effects on your skin

  1.  Revolutionary treatment that is non invasive . It uses Ultrasound technology that is delivered deep in the skin and leads to collagen remodelling leading to an anti aging effect .

one of the most loved treatments that also uses Focussed ultrasound for collagen remodelling giving an anti aging effect to the skin . 

 Very common and famous treatment that uses injectables to disable the fine lines and wrinkles .

  1. Widely used hyaluronic acid fillers that are able to deliver hyaluronic acid deep into the skin causing an immediate lifting of the skin.
Anti Aging Treatment in east Delhi


Ageing can be prolonged if we follow presentine measures. Internal & external agent factors should be managed.
1 . Avoid external factors: external sectors like smoking , pollution ,sun exposure ,stress should be avoided.
2 . Correcting your lifestyle and habits.Controlling your general health goes a long way to delaying an ageing. A nutritious diet and regular exercise can help to delay the process of ageing.
3 . Use of skin products: we have come across people who use multiple high value branded products that are not validated by science and research.they mainly use these thinking they will be the best. Always use products that are medical grade and what your doctor gives you after assessing your skin needs. Simple change in cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen can make a lot of difference to your skin.

Anti-aging treatment depends upon the sign of aging present on our skin. At Clinic Eximus we follow a thorough medical, clinic analysis of your skin to give you the best anti aging treatment to make those years off your face!

Anti aging treatments mentioned above are medical treatments. They have a long history of safety and are used worldwide .

The best time to start anti aging treatments is at 25 yrs, that is the time when the body starts to go through a change. Remember the sooner you start , the better the results even with basic treatments .

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