Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi

Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi

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Acne ScarTreatment

Types of Acne Scars

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How to Effectively Treat Scars

The basis of this treatment is to stimulate Collagen production . Since we understood earlier that the amount of collagen produced determines the type of scar . Hence the Depressed scars , which are caused by reduced collagen are the best first for this type of treatment .
Collagen induction can be achieved by various techniques like

This treatment stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and thus treating depressed scars like the icepik , box scar and rolling scars.
It uses devices with microneedles that puncture the skin , thereby creating an injury which the body repairs by producing collagen.
1.It is painless as it is done after applying a numbing cream
2.Very effective even for old scars
3.Different serums can be used to boost collagen production along the microneedling .
4.Minimal downtime .

When a patient wants to reduce the appearance of acne scarring over a large area , then Resurfacing treatments are recommended. Resurfacing allows the layers of skin to be removed at a microscopic level, thereby stimulating skin to produce new skin cells leading to production of an even skin . Resurfacing works well on acne scars that are flat and not very deep.
Different techniques are available to do resurfacing like:

The two most common lasers used for resurfacing are CO2 and Erbium . Each laser vaporises the damaged skin at surface level , thus the new skin develops .

Co2 Laser Resurfacing:
1.This uses the Fractionated co2 laser that uses mini pulses of laser to vaporise the skin.
2.Recovery may take upto 2 weeks.

Erbium Laser Resurfacing:
1.Uses erbium Laser to resurface
2.Can be used in deeper scars
3.Lesser downtime

Chemical Peels: 

 Chemical peels can give amazing results in treatment of different types of acne scars . They can also be used to treat deep acne scars . Peels like Jessners, Cross Peel , Yellow peel achieve desired results with  lesser costing than Laser treatments. 

It uses specialised machines to micro abrade the skin at microscopic level.
1.It is useful for superficial and shallow scars
3.No downtime
4.Painless , no numbing required.


1.It is a treatment of choice for depressed scars.
2.Hyaluronic acid fillers can be used.
3.Fat from persons own body can also be used.
4.The effect remains from a few months to years depending on the filler used.

1.Usually indicated for depressed scars that have a centre that is tethered down to the underlying skin
2.Principle is to dislodge the tethered centre and stimulate collagen production .
3.Called as Subcision and is very effective.
4.Usually combined with 1 or other modality of treatments.

1.Indicated for raised scars
2.Injections of different medicines are given to dissolve the extra collagen that is formed , giving an even look
3.Can be combined with other forms of treatments


Acne is temporary, but unfortunately acne scarring is permanent . Scarring in acne occurs early, depending on severity of acne and delay in treatment.
Parents of adolescents should be counseled to start treatment in the early stages and not wait till it becomes severe . Most parents delay treatment in the belief that acne is a part of Growing phase and will go away.This is not the right approach . treating acne as soon as it develops is the most effective way to avoid it.

When the child grows up most teenagers start over the counter treatments or medications advised by their friends , chemist or over the Internet many times. They end up applying medicines that do not treat but worsen the acne. This becomes a vicious cycle and can lead to severe acne scars . it is advisable not to use such medicines .

1.Simple things you can do to avoid acne scars are :
2.Avoid inflammation, treat early .
3.Avoid things that irritate the skin such as scrubs, facials. Irritating skin products ettc.
4.Do not squeeze or pick acne lesions. This can lead to severe acne scars. If you are an individual who has a tendency for hyperpigmentation ensure that your acne is treated early.
5.Treat severe acne aggressively severe acne requires aggressive treatment to avoid acne scars

Yes acne scar treatments do work , combination treatments work better, the earlier you start the treatment , the better will be the results .

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