About Clinic Eximus

Clinic Eximus is Pioneer in Skin, Hair, Dental & Plastic Surgery Treatments. It is a dream come true for its founders – Dr. Prerna Taneja & Dr. Rajat Mathur who are passionate about Quality and are on a mission to make Quality Aesthetic treatments available to all.
Dr. Prerna & Dr. Rajat have been practicing since 2004 and are known not only for their expertise but also for having an ethical practice. Trust and transparency in the practice enabled them to develop deep bonds with their patients. Over a period of time Patients looked for complete aesthetic solutions as they wanted more from the practice . This encouraged Dr. Prerna to complete her Fellowship in Medical Cosmetology from Germany and then go on to complete her certification in Aesthetic Medicine under American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine . She is also presently a member of American Board of Aesthetic medicine. The whole purpose to give our patients the best treatments .
Clinic Eximus known for the Best Acne Treatment in East Delhi and it is comprising of Root Canal specialist, Dental Implant specialist , Braces Specialist , Oral Surgeon, Gum Surgeon , Dermatologist , Cosmetologist & Plastic Surgeon.

Vision & Mission​

Clinic Eximus aspires to provide quality Skin, Hair, Dental, Plastic Surgery & Cosmetology treatments through latest and advanced technology by expert team in an ethical manner and building lifelong trusting relationships along the way.

Advanced & Latest

Since Medical technology is constantly evolving for better treatments. Clinic Eximus constantly upgrades their technology so that our patients get nothing but the most advanced treatments be it in Skin , Hair , Dental , Plastic surgery & Cosmetology.

Constant Upgradation of Knowledge

Even if you have the latest technology , you will not be able to deliver the best results if you don't have the expertise to use it. At Clinic Eximus, the team undergoes constant training nationally and internationally to deliver the best use of the latest technology for the betterment of our patients .

Sterilization &

At Clinic Eximus , we have been prioritising Sterilization and Hygiene , well beyond Covid came in the picture . We , since our inception have been following the International 4 step guideline for Sterilization and are certified by ADA.

About The Founders

Founders - Dr. Prerna Taneja & Dr. Rajat Mathur at Clinic Eximus are Driven by core values Trust , Ethics and Quality in their career since 2004.
It is their vision to enable patients to enjoy World class services in Cosmetology , Aesthetics ,Skin , Hair and Plastic Surgery & Dentistry at affordable costs.

Dr. Prerna Taneja

Dr. Rajat Mathur



In the present scenario when ethics is a rare commodity , Clinic Eximus is driven by Ethics . The whole Team focuses on ethical treatment suggestions rather than giving suggestions that are based on money generation. Healthcare has taken a turn where commercialisation has become a priority and ethics have been forgotten . In this scenario, we at Clinic Eximus is proud to be driven by Ethics as our strongest Strength.



To give our patients the best possible treatments is our constant endeavor. Medical field is an ever evolving science where one not only needs to learn newer techniques but also should have in house technology to give such treatments to our patients. Clinic Eximus is proud to be equipped with the latest Medical & Dental technology be it Lasers , microscope , etc. The team also is under constant upgradation of knowledge through International Trainings. We are passionate to give the most advanced treatments to our Patients.



Clinic Eximus is driven by Trust . The trust our patients have on us. Building trust is a lifelong activity that only comes by right actions , ethics and quality services. We have proud to have trust of not only patients from all over India but also all over the world. We are extremely indebted to our patients who trust us and hereby refer people from all across the world for World class treatments.



At Clinic Eximus, we prioritise Relationships with our patients. Relationships are built only by trust, honesty, transparency and Ethics. It takes a lifetime to make quality relationships, we place utmost value to these relationships. We are there for our Patients!!

In Media

Clinic Eximus is Proud to be widely recognised for its informative and authoritative content related to topics of Skin, Dental, Hair and Plastic Surgery . We have been featured widely in Print , Digital and Television . The list is endless from Times of India to CNBC, NDTV to name a few.


Stephen Joy

I have been to the Dr. Prerna clinic for hair treatment. I found them online(google) for hair fall treatment. As per my experience, I can say this is the best clinic for Hair Regrowth treatment in East Delhi with highly skilled professionals and the best clinic . I loved them and would highly recommend them.

Ajuni bedi

We all detest going to the dentists, Because of the painful experiences we have heard of! However it is not so , at Clinic Eximus , Dr. Rajat is the best doctor when it comes to treating the pearly whites right! I’ve known Dr. Mathur for almost a decade now , since I was a kid ! He is the best at his work! And I would recommend him for any of your dental issues!

Ankit Mittal

I and my wife received dental treatment at the Clinic Eximus, they have taken all necessary steps during this pandemic to ensure patient and staff safety. It is a well equipped clinic and Dr. Rajat does great painless RCT, I am quite happy with the treatment.

Tanvee Khanna

Overall experience was really good. Doctor was very friendly and clearly described the process before cleaning my teeth. He was very patient in answering all the questions that I had asked. Thanks for an amazing treatment.

Vijay Mathur

I was super impressed by the efficiency and quality of the service at Dr.Rajat . It's so hard to find competent dentists. The anesthesia was excellent - just enough to not feel anything - and I didn't even feel the needle. I have never had this quality before. The filling was super quick and perfectly executed. Amazing.

Pooja Yadav

I started my PRP session in clinic eximus by Dr. Prerna My prp session has shown improvement in my hair growth .My hair fall stopped and hair is starting regrowing Overall i had a fine experience ,staff is very polite with the right suggestion and treatment new hair growth is there I am satisfied with my prp by Dr Prena Taneja.

Ankit kumar

I am so thankful to Dr. Prerna who treated my Skin Brightening Treatment.She recommended Chemical Peels which made my skin tone even to a great extent. completely satisfied with the treatment. Great services, hygienic. Staff is very friendly and careful while performing services.

Sneh Gupta

I went to Dr.Prerna for pigmentation reduction. The dark patches on my skin have reduced after taking the proper treatment. Overall the texture of my skin has improved a lot. It appears clearer, even toned, and brighter and also feels softer. I am completely satisfied with the treatment. Great services, hygienic. Staff is very friendly and careful while performing.

Rajat Rohtagi

Through Professional Dr. RAJAT Mathur. I recommend it to all. A very well maintained clinic, all precautions taken from visit to treatment. No need to be scared of Covid 19, the clinic is well equipped with sanitization. Thanks Dr. Rajat Mathur.

Akshay Malhotra.

Very good treatment provided by Dr. Rajat Mathur. I came in with yellow deposits on my teeth and am very much satisfied with the treatment. Dr. Mathur also keeps in personal touch with his patients which I like about him very much.

Varun Gaba

Getting a treatment from Dr. Rajat Mathur is a great experience. He is very nice and humble. He deals with patient very politely. The entire team is excellent in all aspects. Thanks for everything everytime.

Shivani Sharma

One best solution for all your cosmetic treatment. I went for my laser hair removal. Dr. Prerna did my treatment. I heard alot myth about the treatment. But i didnt feel any pain even on my under arms. I just love how she treat her patients with so much care. Totally remmondable from my side.

Subhi Jaiswar

I was very worried about my acne and the pigmentation of my face. I have gone to so many doctors but there are no results. Someone gave me some medicines, some gave me cremes but the problem acne & pigmentation started getting worse. My skin has become even, pigmentation has reduced, it is brighter & i am feeling very confident. Thank You Dr. Prerna.

Karishma Rajput

I came to Dr. Prerna Taneja for my warts. I took treatment for warts removal at different places. My warts used to reappear very fast. My tan has reduced significantly and I am following Dr. Prerna 's guidance on skin care. Results are great. Thank you & must visit for skin issues.

Shruti Gupta

My experience with clinic eximus has been very good...i took the skin treatments..n they worked well on my skin...Dr prerna has been delightful..n staff has been very caring ...will be taking their services in the future as well.

Shalini Singh

I never thought Laser Hair reduction works, because I had taken multiple treatments for my Face hair. Then my friend recommended Dr. Prerna at Clinic Eximus . She had taken Laser hair reduction here and had amazing results . I started my treatment and the results have been phenomenal. If you are thinking of Laser Hair removal , then Clinic Eximus is the only place to go.

Samarth Kansal

Clinic eximus is a must visit place for skin repair and hair growth. I had a bear hair growth treatment and face rejuvenation secession. After 6 sittings there was tremendous improvement in the beard growth as well as face brightening. Dr Prerna did a fantastic job and was really informative about the whole process.

Nitasha Grover

Dr Rajat sir and Dr Prerna mam are very good..They are expertise in their profession...their entire team of doctors is very good . everything is kept very clear and transparent to the patients...one should always prefer them for any dentistry problems and skin related issues.

Surbhi Gupta

I have been taking dental services from Clinic Eximus and have to compliment them on their professionalism and quality of services. Dr Rajat in particular has been top of the game in his treatment and guidance. I am highly satisfied and would recommend Eximus blindly to anyone seeking help.

    Google Review

    Varun Sharma

    Nice to have Dr. Prerna Taneja for my hair treatment. The staff is so helping and caring nature.

    Arun Gupta

    I loved the place. The staff treats you very gently. And they give you the most suitable dental treatment.

    Namrata Sanwal

    I, personally had a wonderful experience with Clinic Eximus. Very professional and punctual service.

    Amit Baisoya

    Been blown away by how professional it is, the cleanliness, everything is sterilized.

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